We live in this world, everyday is a new journey in which we discover different things and learn important lessons that certainly will remain as a good or bad memory in our minds.People always search to see more and know about the secrets of the world; but there is one world that has remained mysterious for a lot of persons: the world under the water.DSCN0147

This year I did for the fist time in my life snorkeling. I have never thought that it is worth the try; I always see the others run to do it; I was asking: but why? What is so special in this activity? I never understood their sensation after doing it. So one day I decided to take a mask and go to discover this world.

But what’s snorkeling? It s an excursion in the sea and allow to see the life under the water, the corals , the rocks with a simple way.DSCN0076

The equipment of snorkeling is composed of masks, pins and the snorkel. The snorkel allows you to breath without raising your head, the pins helps to swim with less effort; in this way you can enjoy watching without scaring the fishes or raise your head every minute to breath.

I did my first jump and oh my god… the moment I opened my eyes and saw all there is I felt like I was transported in another dimension as if all that there is up doest exist. I forgot all and started to follow the fishes that swims in all directions and every time I see a new creature I follow it.

It was fantastic to be a part of this world and see how they live in their natural environment, how they eat the different type of algae existing on the rocks: red algae covering the whole surface creating not just a source of food for fishes but also giving an unbelievable beauty and of course life to this rocks and how they hide between the leafs of Posidonia: this miraculous aquatic plan that covers the major part of the sandy bottom in Ieranto and form a forest for this animals and also produce oxygen. So I got to know this biodiversity we always talked about and saw in pictures.DSCN0092Doing the snorkeling in the bay of Ieranto is a chance because it’s a protected area being part of the zone B (no boats with engine, no fisher men who reduce the population of fishes, no anchoring to destroy the Posidonia) so all the creature have the possibility to develop in different way. And with this activity I saw the other fruit of our work that offers the creatures a world cleaner and for the people a nature richer to enjoy.FishezzzI can tell that I really forgot the concept of time , I spend more than three hours doing magic activity without feeling tired… I didn’t want to go back to the reality but when I finished the magic wasn’t over because I felt like I was reborn, everything is clear in my mind …all my troubles faint away and I was smiling the whole time ..i cant say more, there are no words to describe my feeling and from that day me and the mask became best friends.

The most important thing in this activity is that it is a way to relax and enjoy the colorful and fascinating world under the water ,and there is no age limit, everyone can participate in this activity; no need to be expert in swimming but could be better if there will be a guide or marine biologist to explain more about different things about the marine world and help you open your eyes and see it from another angle: learn how to enjoy the nature without destroying, observe without touching and disturbing the balance.