“Puliamo il Mondo 2016”

“Puliamo il mondo” it is the biggest initiative of the environmental volunteers organized in Italia by Legambiente in collaboration with ANCI, ministry of environment, ministry of education, and ministry of university and scientifically researches.

Every last week of September of the last twenty years, volunteers from all the world do environmental initiatives.

Every year the number of participants increase, last year it was 500 thousand volunteers in 1700 localities, for this year the number increased to 600 thousand participants in 1700 communities, and 4000 localities.


We clean the world by a simple action to protect the environment, by the support of municipalities, schools, and associations. Thanks to this event, project MARE team did some initiatives to clean some places in peninsula Sorrentina.

Firstly, we divided the work in two parts. The first part for adults and their mission which was to clean the majority of beaches in the peninsula sorrentina and the second part for children and their mission which was to clean the gardens of their schools and also planted new plants.

We started with the adults to clean the beaches. The first day it was in Marina grande in Sorrento with the collaboration of Subacqua association, the municipality, coast guardians. Two divers cleaned under water and the rest of us cleaned the beach, to make it look more beautiful and clean,especially to preserve this beautiful sea. The next day we cleaned the beach of Puolo with 40 children from the primary schools of Pastena and Torca. The last place for our mission was Reggina Giovanna in Capo di Sorrento.


During previous week and also this one we worked with children (who have 4 years and more) from 4 schools and kindergardens (kindergarden of Saint Agata, Torca, Pastena) and one primary school (Saint Agata) – 65 children in total. We spoke with them about the importance of protecting

the environment and after that we planted together a lettuce, bean, garlic and onion in their school gardens. With the primary school we cleaned Via Canal street with the participation of 40 children and the pine forest in Saint Agata where we involved 80 children. We showed them the importance to keep the green areas clean and how to separate different types of rubbish.


Thanks to the help of marine protected area punta campanella , school of saint agata, torca, and pastena we did a nice job to make the peninsula cleaner, and look more beautiful.