NOLA – On Arrival Training

From the 25th of May to the 1st of June all Marelini went to Nola for an Erasmus Training on EVS. There we discussed topics that regard the volunteer’s welfare, such as expectations vs. reality, conflict management, personality traits and work and time management. We’ve approached EVS burocratic organs and systems, some aspects of Italian Culture and History and other volunteers experiences and projects. Last but not the least, we’ve had Italian lessons everyday and we did a walk on Naples.

Since Naples is not unknown to us we revisited some of its most emblematic monuments and blocks: The treasure of San Gennaro’s Cathedral, Quartiere di San Lorenzo and Via dei Tribunali, we ate the tasty pizza of De Matteo and some of us even ventured in one of the underground structures of Neapolis, right under San Lorenzo’s church.

We stayed at Hotel de’ Gigli, where pasta was ALWAYS the queen of the table and their pool our favorite break between activities. We were lucky to meet other 24 European volunteers spread from north to south of Italy (and islands!). They come from pretty much everywhere: Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Cyprus, Latvia, Bulgaria, Moldavia and Turkey. We all came back home with the feeling we could have stayed some days more but that’s how life is! All of us were needed in our volunteering places and so going back was on the go.

Needless to say our favorite memories from this well spent week were the acquaintances we’ve made with other young people. Curious how a small group can be so heterogeneous but nonetheless harmonious! We came back home tired but emotionally reinvigorated. We all believe we did some friends and definitely we’ll be paying a visit to some of them. For sure a few have already decided to come around our beautiful crib for the weeks to come!