Our AMAZING mentor: Simona!

We are writing a special post for us, it’s about an important part of the project: our MENTOR:  the environmentalist and naturalist Simona Gargiulo.  She is an extraordinary human being, super nice, affectionate. Always helpful and concerned about feelings and needs of all.

In an European Volunteering Service, the mentor is the connexion between the project and the volunteers and this figure can be often invisible to our readers. For the PROJECT M.A.R.E. she is undoubtedly necessary! She has to try to help us with all the problems that we can have, from intermediate when we have a healthy problem to trying to fix a broken oven.

However, she is doing much more. From the first day she is trying to build a family and after three months we can say that she has got it. Officially, the mentor time is a compulsory part of the EVS program but for us it is one of the best moments of the week. With her, we’ve learned how to cook gnocchi alla sorrentina or discovered the best pizza ever in the Pizza festival in Vico Equense with her friends.

Besides, we are so lucky because she is a professional nature guide, and she has shown us hidden places of the Peninsola Sorrentina like secret paths, il Deserto or a hiking  around the Saint Francesco Convent.

For all this, Simona is more than a mentor she is also our friend and part of our Marelini family.

Last, we don’t want to forget old mentors that nowadays are part of our life in Italy and they are support us as well. Thanks to Nuria and Stefano for integrating us from the first day in their group of friends, Francesco for being the best kayak instructor we can have here and obviously Alba, our mamma italiana. THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE!