A Conference in Nice

After a summer full of work in the sea, and monitoring of Ieranto Bay, we had a big chance to participate in a conference about marine preservation in the Mediterranean, we were so excited because we will have the occasion to meet a lot of associations who works in this field, so we will have the chance to know about a lot of other projects from different countries. At the same time we enjoy the beauty of “cost azzur”

So Me(Akrem), Nuria, And Mimi, we prepare a presentation about our project, and we chose the monitoring activity as the principal subject of our presentation, also we prepared a presentative poster of our work

Monday night, we left Naples with a big motivation to live this new adventure, also to know more about the activities of the other associations.


When we arrived to nice, we found a lot of people, a lot of spoken languages, nearly all the nationalities of the Mediterranean, for us it is a great opportunity for exchange of ideas, knowing more about the activities of the other association, and meeting new friends.

The opening conference it was from the president of CDMM (centre de decouvert marin du mediteraneen), the topic was the objective of this meeting, that it was the marine preservation, in that moment I felt that this topic is so interesting for us, because it is the same topic that we work about it, Later we took the dinner all together, and we started to know each other more, we talked about different topics, generally I found that all the participants were sympathy, also I felt that they have a strong relation with the environment in general, Specially the Sea.


The Second day, we went to the room of trade and industry of nice, it was the place of the conference, where they are a lot of important persons, like the mayor of nice, the president of CDMM, the president of the room of trade and industry of nice, and two specialists in marine biology, when I saw these persons, the conditions of the conference I felt how important our work , I’m feeling so proud with our work as environmentalist, at the same time I’m feeling a big responsibility.

So they spoke about the challenges of the Mediterranean against the pollutions, they showed us some statics, and some indicators of pollution, in the last part they spoke about the consequences of pollution for biodiversity and eco system.

After lunch, we played a game to discover the place where we lived, we did a walk all together to discover the see the beauty of this place, the amazing view of this cost, it was a nice game, and the thing that I like it the most that we spoke all together, and we knew more things about each others, after this discovery tour, we went to Savon factory to see how they do Savon because that part of nice is famous by Savon Production.

The last day for me it was the most important one, because is the day of presentations, in that day we saw all the posters, and presentations, I felt that everybody was interested about all the posters and the presentations, so we presented our poster, and we spoke about the marine park, about our project, we showed them how our project is a marine preservation project, and cultural exchange project at the same time.


Later we presented our work about the monitoring of the bay, we showed them all the process, and we explained them all the details, in that moment I felt a great sensation, because I saw that everybody liked our presentation, our project, our way how we do the monitoring, Really I can’t describe this great sensation.

After this conference, I feel so proud by our work, by our project, by everything we did it to protect the nature