First steps in Punta Campanella

MA.R.E 2015 is in ! At least, a part of it ! In few days, all the volunteers will be in the Park Area (8 volunteers from 7 different countries : Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, France, Latvia, Tunisia and Jordan) for 8 months.

For now, we are only 4 volunteers since one week, enjoying the Sorrento Peninsula, discovering the different parts of the park and it functioning. Our first target as a volunteer is to talk about the most important activity we had here.

Let’s begin !





Joaquin first impression : The territory

I’m Joaquín, one of the volunteers that is going to live here for the next eigth months. If I have to choose one thing of this place that I like a lot in my first days here, I choose without doubts the nature of the territory. I’m from Spain, where I usually lived, and I think biological and geomorphological resources of both countries are very similars, and I love it. I studied environmental sciences for five years and is not my studies only, the environmental protection and the nature conservation are my passion too, so I really enjoy with the peculiarities of this natural place. I never could imagine that the South of Naples and the Golfo Di Napoli are so beautiful.

mappa antica_



Map 1. Old map of the area.

Now, we (the volunteers team) are living in a small town very close to the beach, the name of this town is Meta (“Terre delle Sirene”) and is not so far for one Protected Marine Area (“Punta Campanella”) where we’ll work sooner than later. I think it is an ideal place for bohemian people who wants to be relax and enjoy the nature. There are a lot of plants and trees typical for the “macchia Mediterranea” and the most common crops of the area are olives, oranges and lemon trees. We can enjoy all the day with the very beauty view that we have from the windows of our home. A lot of nature arround us and the Mediterranean sea in the horizon. Is a very good experience to live.

DSC_0171 IMG_2111

Images 1 and 2. The place we live.

The environmental value of Mediterranean sea is high and, in my opinion, the flora is one of the most important resource of this area (probably is very important for me because I like a lot the botanical sciences). There are a lot of ways to enjoy the flora of Sorrento’s coast but if you want to go to Punta campanella the only way is walking (You enjoy the nature and do exercice so it is good for the health too :-D ). During this way you can enjoy the typical mediterranean flora and admire the beauty of the landscape and the islands which are very close to the coast (one of the most populars islands of the world is Capri and is close to Sorrento coast or “Penisola Sorrentina”).


CapriImage 4. Capri.







Marion first impression : Ieranto baia

When we had to choose the most important activity since the beginning of the project, for me it was clear that I will talk about the Ieranto baia. To understand my choice, I think that the better way is to look some pictures of this wonderful place :





The beach of Ieranto baia.

After 40 minutes walking in the « macchia mediterraneo » with lemon-orange-olive-trees, we finally arrived in this paradise, with a mixt of see, muntains and vegetation.

I am not sure if it is because I know I will spend all my summer there that I found it so magic, but I never saw a place like that.

Our main activities in Leranto will be to propose ecotourism with kayac, snorkeling, walking around, spreading information about the Area Marina Protetta but also the youthmobility. We will as well and mainly control that everyone is respecting the rules of this Zone B of the park : no boat unauthorized, no diving and no sport fishing.

I can’t wait to begin this exciting activities, being part of the Park staff and spreading words about environment protection !


Antonia first impression : Picking up oranges and lemons

Mediterrean atmosphere


Why I choose this experience, is maybe because I felt very comfortable with my surrounding and myself when I picked up oranges and lemons with our old calm friendly slowly neighbour Nicola in his garden. The atmosphere was very calm (except the dogs making noise, disturbing as always;) without many thoughts and I felt trust in any way as if Nicola was my grandfather.

And I thought that is something you can’t really have when living as a student in a big city.



So Nicola showed me how to pick up the fruits, which ones you can take, which ones are good to make some juice and which ones are better used to eat, which ones are not mature yet.

Although it was hard in the beginning to understand each other, because we were speaking Italian, i think in the end I understood that you shouldn’t  pick up  fruits  from the trees when you cannot remove them easily…and fruits in the top oft he trees are usually to remove more easily than the ones  which are closer to the floor.



Karolina first impression : Italian food – local, fresh, delicious

You  know, one important step, what you do, when you come somewhere is searching for the delicious food :-). We can be lucky, we are in Italy, which is famous because of simple, healthy, tastefull food :-). We live in small place, called Meta, where all the food is local. Owner of the house, called Nicolas is agriculturist. So you know what? We eat oranges and lemons from trees, which grow under our house! Have you ever smell real flavour of oranges? Maybe not, so its your turn! Come here on EVS! :-D

margaritha br

We started to enjoy italian meal in so cute restaurant, called Covent Garden. We enjoyed three variaties of bruschetas. Fresh local salad with chicken and mozzarela? No it was no dream it really happend! And finally-pizzzza!!! We had a perfect one, Margaritha – pomodoro, mozarella and basilicum! Everything so easy, but the taste? You have never tried before!

What about delicious caffe, breakfast or dessert? Go on Strada Statale in Meta in Pasticcera and you will see something, what you will remember for all your life! Unbelieveable sweets with totally suprising taste! Wonderful coffe for nice price! And? Don´t forget to try ice-cream! I had the chocolate one, and I was melting like my ice-cream on hot italian sun :-).


Stay tuned! Next report about food will be soon!


Ciao! ;-).