Raduno Kayak in the AMP Punta Campanella

From the 5th to the 7th of September 2014, around 30 kayakers and nature lovers, amongst them us M.A.R.E.lini, met up for the XIII Raduno di Canoa e Kayak, organized by the Marine Protected Area of Punta Campanella in collaboration with ASD Campania Adventure.



We enjoyed a grand paddling tour of 47km (at least according to our calculations), three days on the sea with expert nature guides and kayak instructors, to appreciate the beauty of our territory in a sustainable manner.

The three-day program was intense: From Praiano via beautiful Ieranto around Punta Campanella all the way until Piano di Sorrento.

mapa raduno con km

Friday 5 September [21 km] – departure from ‘Marina di Praia (Praiano)’, visit of the fiord of Furore, Positano and Tordigliano beach. Arrival to ‘Marina del Cantone (Nerano)’, where the kayakers slept at the Nettuno Camping.

Saturday 6 September [13 km] – departure from Nerano with arrival to the ‘Karama Yacht Club (Marina di Puolo)’, passing by: Ieranto Bay (imagine a bunch of kayaks invading the bay in the serenity of the morning. No noise except the water being caressed by the paddles… a real pleasure), the ‘Cala di Mitigliano’ and ‘Marina della Lobra’.


I canoisti nella Baia di Ieranto


Sunday 7 September [13 km] – departure from Karama Yacht Club going to ‘Bagni della Regina Giovanna’, with a little turn back to say hello to the ‘Madoninna del Vervece’, during the celebration in her honor. The kayakers there realized that it’s not easy to paddle between the noise and the stink of the boats. Continuing with the visit of the ‘ninfei romani di Sorrento’ and the ‘grotte tufacee di Piano di Sorrento’, to finally arrive to Marina di Cassano, the end of the adventure.


Nei Bagni della Regina Giovanna
Visitando la Madoninna del Vervece







It was a fantastic experience to share suffering under too much sun, the marvelous views, and the satisfaction of arriving together with all the kayak-lovers. All in all, a non-profit meeting to send a message: the Marine Park is better lived in kayak than by boat!

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Cala di Mitigliano