A Trip to the South… Agropoli & Sapri

From our beautiful landscape we moved a little bit to the South to create really nice collaboration with another marine park which is a part of Parco Nazionale del Cilento, Vallo di Diano e Alburni (www.cilentoediano.it).

Besides this event we had 2 free days for exploration, what is around us. We decided to do 2 trips – one in Agropoli and other in Sapri.



Way: Vallo della Lucania -> Agropoli; How: Train; How much: 2,70 €; Time: 20 min

From first thing we were totally impressed was the sandy beach. We used to have rocky beaches. We spent long time just relaxing on this nice soft type of beach. Agropoli is known for many historical buildings, e.g. the castle, which is on the top of city. The castle was used as real defensive fortress with loopholes and surrounding moat in order to impede the arrival of the enemy in every direction. Over the centuries its function changed – it became a private residence of noble families.



Way: Vallo della Lucania -> Sapri; How: Train; How much: 3,70 €; Time: 50 min

We did not plan to go to Sapri. We just reached train station with “OK, let´s go somewhere with train which is going the first!”. Very nice surprised we visited Sapri. With street art on buildings, with little stony beach, with park like oasis over the way to sea, with shot of vodka for 1€ we discovered unique and cute place. I am still touched by seeing the large mountains which are around.