Music of M.A.R.E

MARE is a project about protection of the environment, in which each of us comes from a different country, with a different culture. But there is something that unites us, and this thing is music!

Music is a key element in the lives of people: it brings out feelings and it is a cultural element of all the worlds regions. We, the Marelini, enjoy music every day. But we enjoy not only the music that we listen in our countries: We also love the music that this country, Italy, offers us.

Examples: Imen can enjoy Enrique Iglesias, Britney Spears and Beyonce with the same joy with which she enjoys Nirvana and Metallica.FOTO1 Kristaps is fond of “The Beatles” and “Queen”. Instead, Andris is a classic type, and he likes the traditional songs and legends, such as “Dolcenera” of Fabrizio De Andre and many others. Kaya listens to metal music, but also enjoys with Imen commercial music, that does so much damage to the ears of some of us (sometimes not being content with listening to this music – they also sing for us … thank you !!!).

Foto2But there’s one of us who really loves music and he has it in his veins, that’s our little-big Yanal.Yanal arrived from Jordan with his enthusiasm and his guitar. And no day goes by in which he does not surprise us with his guitar lessons. He feels the passion of Spanish guitar and can play amazing classical music of Francisco Tarrega and Andres Segovia, among others.

Foto3I never saw anyone before play “Recuerdos de la Alhambra” with so much passion and commitment to musical beauty. In his 19 and a few years of practice behind, he seems born to play guitar. In fact, I think that he could make something great in the world of the music …

Furthermore, every day that we work at home or we have the day off and we do not go anywhere, we learn a bit more about the culture and the Italian language with the help of our Daniele D’anielo, our friend and mentor, who showed us a bit ‘of Italian music and Napolitan bands, like 24 Grana, 99 Posse, Jovanotti, Rino Gaetano, Vasco Rossi or Vinicio Capossela …

And if that were not enough!!! … Alvaro Adame, Marelino and volunteer of the last year, returned home two days ago and gave us the classical guitar which was played in Project MARE 2014! THANK YOU! Now we have one more at home.

4Foto5            You could say that many days, thanks to the music we listen alone or with others, helps us to keep more sane in this big world of crazy … because, in reality, if not for the music, there would be more reason to go crazy. (Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky).