A day with German students


On Saturday we woke up at 7 am and took bus from Massa Lubrense center to Nerano. There we helped to Domenico and Francesco (who is cooperating marine biologist with Punta Campanella MPA and MARE project) care about 36 German students.
IMG_9471At first Domenico introduced presentation about MARE project, biodiversity and specifics of local flora and fauna. We volunteers with Francesco prepared wet suits and flippers for snorkeling. Me and Nuria went to snorkel with Francesco and first group of students. Was water cold? Yes! But I really enjoyed snorkeling.

DSC_0335We observed Posidonia, kind of seagrass. While I was snorkeling, I got caught in a trap among big stones with 15 sea urchins, nice view. After snorkeling we cleaned a beach and some German students were very helpful with. After lunch break groups swapped. I stayed to listen to Domenico lesson about turtles and Elza went with second group. Nuria helped whole day to Francesco.

DSC_0453We finished at 5:15 pm and on the way home we visited Franco’s Bar and took a rest with beer (for girls) and pie (for me). Franco is unique small bar full of art created from washed litter ashore and not for sale paintings by Franco. We have already been there a few days ago for the first time when seventy years old Franco narrated us about his life, health, painting and living in London. We came home at 8:30 pm. Simply, we spent another fine day.