The First visit to Napoli!

On the 28th of april Domenico had a surprise for us – a trip to Napoli. Me, Nuria, Radek, Domenico, Alba and friends of his, we all got into a long waited van and rode to Napoli, soon enough catching the first sight of crazy Napoli italian traffic. So we listened to Domenico telling us stories about Napoli. I lost track of time, because everything everywhere caught my attention. 

Small streets, clothes hung out of the windows to dry, plants everywhere, small shops, display cases with pastries that during first minutes Radek, with a happy face, was already enjoying. Also many different artists, musicians and overall very interesting people that gave a „you no doubt will have the time of your life here” vibe.

Image2We walked through the streets and heard a street musician playing. A minute later Domenico, Alba and their little girl were dancing and it was very sweet moment that made musicians and all of us smile. So we kept wandering. Radek bought Il Piccolo Principe (The Little Prince) that he had been searching for a long time. I looked at the second hand books thinking that I need to learn Italian well as soon as possible so I can read them all sitting in one of the Napoli’s charming cafes.

1Later we said goodbye to Domenico’s friends and me and Nuria wandered around more with no destination in mind. After some time I decided to put my camera away because I realized that Napoli is not something you can capture into photos and later look at them thinking what a great experience you had. Napoli has to be enjoyed with all senses and you need to immerse yourself in its charming chaos.

So, what is the more to say… Oh, we tried our first Napolitalian pizza! Yum! It is definitely worth the drive! Hope to write about our next adventure very soon! Ciao, ciao!