To meet 7 people from 7 different countries

My dear friend,

I write you, because I want to share my feelings from first 20 days on EVS. This EVS is great opportunity to meet people from other countries. There are people from Germany, French, Spain, Latvia, Tunisia, Jordan and me from Czech Republic.

And now we live together on one place.

Maybe we have same aim. (More or less).To share experiences, to enjoy this experience and work for Project MARE as well as we can.

You know, now I can go in each of this country and I have friend here. It’s good to have on mind, that because of other location of each other we have different roots, family, rules, culture, expectations, habits, which should be take in account in case of judgment.

Everything depends on our collaboration. Success of collaboration depends on every part of group. Each part of group (person) is unique and gives unique point of view. For understanding unique point of view we need open-mind, respect, tolerance, communication. And the most important thing, which is the most expensive commodity in the world – TIME.

I really appreciate that I have the opportunity to meet 7 people from 7 different countries. For me are human relation ships the most difficult thing in the world, so I can learn a lot!

I called this people Royal Family. For me it is! I hope i will have power to behavior to each other like people behavior to real queens, kings, princess and princes.

I wrote a lot, my friend.

With greetings,