Marine turtles laboratory!!

Marine turtles are endangered animals with really interesting and complicated lives. To better know their activities, movements and threats is our best tool to protect them and to try to improve their critical situation. Human action has destroyed marine turtle habitats and nesting areas, has polluted their seas, and has put thousands of obstacles in their way.





There are many things to know about turtles and children are of course the best audience. It is important that children know, respect and love marine turtles (or all animals for that matter) and because children are the future it is essential that they understand why we can’t continue doing things in a wrong way. It is important that children don’t inherit our bad habits as they were the normal and correct way of behaviour. It is really not that difficult to have a more sustainable way of living, but for that, we need to know that it is in our hands to get there!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith this idea, part of the MARE project team went two times to Ponticelli School “San Giovanni Bosco” to share a little of our knowledge with children. We explained, to children from different classes and different ages, things regarding marine turtles.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe learnt things, made questions, had doubts, got to the right answer, played and most importantly: we had a great time together! I think now we all better understand the problems that marine turtles face. As an unforgettable closure, in 2 weeks we will all together release 4 marine turtles back to the sea! It will be such an amazing activity for both the children and us!20160526_125642I really enjoy to spend time talking to children about a subject so interesting and important for me and to see how they also enjoy it! It is so enriching to see how we can learn and laugh all in one!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am looking forward the next marine turtle activity and I am pretty happy to know it is coming soon!

Be aware, we will be telling you everything about our turtle experiences!!!