All Italy in one week

After a busy summer of work in Ieranto bay, and environmental education with children, I decided to take a free week to travel to the north of Italy, to discover more about Italians, and new places.


I started to visit Rome, the city of roman history, where I saw many beautiful monuments like : Il colosseum, La fontana dei Trevi, Vatican City, and piazza Venezia, and many other amazing places, also I had the chance to meet my friends who worked with me in the summer, we cooked the dinner together, we played cards all the night , it was really so funny night !!!


The second day I went from Rome to Florence, also there I found my friends who are doing their EVS, at the same time I met new friends from different nationalities, we spoke about their project, that it consist in sessions of environmental education for children.

In the morning, I started to discover Florence, in my opinion it is one of the most beautiful cities in all Europe, not only in Italy, I loved the old Italian architecture, like Duomo cathedral, the old small streets, the gardens full of multicolor flowers, simple it is an amazing city!!!


The third day, the discovery of Bologna!, the city of Art, and culture, there I found my friends who showed me the city, and some of the secrets of Bologna, the old architecture was so beautiful, and the thing that I liked it the most in Bologna, was street artists everywhere, it was so nice and funny to see them, Simply so beautiful-

After Bologna, I went to Milano, it was beautiful, but I think that it is so similar to Paris, I visited the beautiful gallery of Vittorio Emanuele, Piazza Duomo, and the Beautiful Church of Duomo. It was a very cold night, but it was so funny, because I was with my friends from Milano, we did the tour of the city by night, and they showed me the most important monuments of the city. Also we took the dinner together in a bar, I wanted to see many places in Milano but I hadn’t enough time to see everything.


The next day, I went to a very beautiful place, the beautiful Venice!!!, the beautiful small rivers, the nice colors of houses, the bridges, the amazing views, really I can’t describe it, I enjoyed 6 hours of walk in this amazing city, as usual I took my dinner with my friends, we spoke about our EVS projects, also we talked about our plans after the EVS.

15078861_1667801970176899_2882400882339353331_nSimply, this week it was my best week in my life, and maybe the best week in EVS !!!!