The farewell is coming…

I have bought my flight ticket for returning to Spain. It feels like just yesterday I got here and had to write my first impressions about Italy… I’ve lived in quite many places and every time I have to move to somewhere else I need to say my goodbyes… I’ve done it so many times already, but somehow, it is aIways hard! I still haven’t found the way to make farewells easy…

I am going to be the first one returning back home… I know (because I have been there on previous occasions) that staying until the last day and seeing how everyone else leaves is even worse than being the first one going.

I get back to Spain for Christmas. My sister lives in Norway and she is coming home for just a few days. That is the reason why I want to be there.  Also, I am looking forward to meeting up with my friends, especially those who live far away and just get back to my hometown for Christmas time. I will be of course really happy to see again family and friends. But I can’t (and I don’t want to) think that by getting back home I won’t live anymore in a house with a huge anchor at the door (anchoring is amazing!), that hitchhiking will stop being the regular transport for me, that to get home I won’t have to walk through orchirds and lemon trees from which  from time to time you “can” take some lemons…. It’s hard to think that the first thing I will see when I get out from home won’t be the Mediterranean anymore or that I won’t sleep listening to the waves just 3 meters away from my bed…


Still, which will be obviously the most difficult part will be to say goodbye to the people with whom I have shared so many things, mainly laughs, during the last months! I am going to miss you so much that I prefer just to think about meeting up again soon, in Tunisia!

Every time you are happy somewhere time flies so fast you cannot believe it…. When I look back it seems  just crazy how many things we have done during these months! We’ve been so busy thinking new games, or about Ieranto, turtles, cleaning beaches, diving, doing some nice trip, going trekking, kayaking or to the office… (I guess you can picture how hard it has been to live here…). We have kept ourselves so busy that I think we haven’t realized yet all the things we have done and learnt.


Now, looking back I can’t help to smile and to hope for the coming years to be as good as the one I have spent here.

It is pretty clear to me that, even if the time I’ve got before I get back home is not much, I have to make the best out of my last month here! I need to enjoy as much as possible being with all of you and part of this great project.

Anybody, any advice on how to continue with your life after project MARE?