The art of storytelling

A piece of advice : do not try to find a logic, like when you read a book that Kafka wrote.

Once upon a time Eros Ramazzotti and Che Guevara were writing revolutionary songs in Antarctica. Back then Eros Ramazzotti was really an awful singer, that’s why they had had to find an isolated place. It was very dark during the winter, but the landscapes were beautiful.

They were looking for the best rhymes and dug holes in the ice to fish all day. One day a mutant giraffe who was trying to fly landed in Antarctica near Eros and Che. She then asked: “What are you doing here all alone?”. “We are writing revolutionary songs. Do you want to listen to one ?”.

The giraffe was very curious and agreed. But after five seconds she couldn’t here Eros sing. She said: “But if sings all your enemies will flee”. Che Guevara, a great strategist, knew that the giraffe had an excellent idea. After having convinced Eros, the giraffe took them to south America. The giraffe’s idea worked very well, and Che Guevera won the revolution.

Eros Ramazzotti became Secretary of Defense. And they lived happily and in peace ever after.