Beautiful tour of the “Villa di Pollio Felice di Regina Giovanna”


In the early afternoon of the 9th April the volunteer group of M.A.R.E. got to know Gaia – a student of archaeology. With her we had a great tour to “Villa di Pollio Felice” – near the “Capo di Sorrento”, which was built in the 1st century before Christ.



Gaia showed us all of the ruins, which were mostly well preserved. First we walked beside some walls, which were the last remains of tanks which the people of the villa used to store water.


After that we went to a place which was like a big platform. In the past there was the garden with a little fountain. Also we saw the remains of walls of the dining room, the kitchen and a little church. We had a break on the platform to take our panini lunch, enjoy the beautiful sea view and the sun.


Also we discovered some remains of mosaic and marble. After that we went over the natural arch of stone which was used as a bridge to connect two areas of the villa. We climbed the stony way down to enjoy the little bay inside which people used for anchoring the ships. A few of us took off their shoes to try the water.


At the end of our trip with Gaia we had another break at “Capo Santa Fortunata” to enjoy an amazing view of the sea, Sorrento and Vesuvio.

It was an amazing trip, thank you to Gaia for this excursion and for sharing so much interesting things about archaeology.