Turtle release in Cilento!

On October 4th we went to the beach of Ascea to participate in a turtle release.

Our lovely volunteers who went to do the realise!

These two turtles were found thanks to the awareness of the people on the beach. They saw the turtles were having problems and it was significant because both of the turtles had been entangled by a thick rope. The rope was around their neck and around their flippers. This is very dangerous because the turtles were not able to swim very well and also the rope was starting to cut into their flesh. Which is even more dangerous because at a certain point it can block the blood flow and they can lose the respective body part. These turtles were fortunate because they were found before this could happen.

The coast guard was informed and then also the zoological station of Portici.  And the turtles were captured and operated by a vet.

Why did the beach of Ascea was chosen to release them?

Because every year since 2015 turtle nests are found on this beach. This year there were 5 nests. The most nests nests since 2015. So this beach has seen many little turtles being born.

Fortunella has been staying with the Zoological station for more almost a year because she had a hard time recovering, on the other hand Pitor was found this summer in August near Marina di Camerota in the open sea. It was possible to rescue Pitor quick because there were people from H24 and Zoological station in the beach of Ascea for the turtle nest monitoring.

To know that Fortunella is adjusting well, after a long time spent in captivity and where is it going she has a GPS position tracker on her. Every two days it will make a connection with a satellite to send the path that the turtle has been taking. Fortunella was found in the gulf of Pozzuoli who knows maybe she will decide to turn back north closer to Naples, because turtles are a migrating species, they travel through all of the mediterranian sea.

At the end two of our volunteers had the opportunity to pick the turtle up and bring it closer to the sea, it was nice to see these beautiful creatures back in their natural habitat and in good health

What is important to remember that the turtles are not ours they are from the sea, and in the sea there is a lot of danger like ropes, nets and plastic.

How can you help?

The first thing is when you see a turtle with difficulties is to call the coast guard, but more importantly to reduce your ecological impact like:

  • Recycling
  • Avoiding use of plastic
  • Having your own reusable water bottle