Towers of Sorrento peninsula

One impressive thing in Sorrento peninsula is almost 500 years old towers, that were made for defend from pirates. Nowadays we can see what is left from towers. Some of towers are preserved really good but some not as good. Many of towers now are privatized by local people and making like hotels or touristic places, others were restored because of its importance and there are another still abandoned and almost collapsed.


In the first part of 16th. century, people in kingdom of Napoli started to feel not safe because pirates were attacking their cities and villages, during next years attacks started to increase. So people had to think about their protection.


In the year 1563, under the mandate of Felipe II, king of Spain, started a construction project of 400 towers in kingdom of Napoli. Each tower was financed by extraordinary taxes to local people and the Universities.


Position and distance between towers were analysed and calculated by specialists who explored and learned the landscape of Napoli coast. Every place for every tower was chosen really specific to assure they can see each other. For example in places which had a straight coast they build less towers than where the coast was irregular. Bigger towers were built close to important places but smaller towers otherwise. Although towers which were closer to important spots contain more weapons. For the construction, were used material from the area, like limestone, volcanic stone, being the workers local people too.


The towers used canons which could shoot accurately till 1km but maximum they could reach the target till 3km. The canons were only used in direct attacks, so the population could notice because of the sound that a boat was reaching the coast. For just informing about the route or entity of a boat they have a codex, using fire during the night and sound alarm during the day.


Together in whole kingdom of Napoli were 400 towers in which served 1200 soldiers. Towers for soldiers were a home because they lived in there.