This is us: meet the team of Project M.A.R.E. 2020

Here it comes! Our long-awaited self-introductions are finally here! We are still patiently waiting for the last Tunisian volunteer to arrive. There has been so much happening behind the scenes and we can assure that he will be here very soon.

As you may have already noticed, this year is very different than others in every possible aspect. Due to pandemic, we are forced to make many changes in our work environment and come up with new effective strategies to achieve the project goals. We may not be physically all together (yet), but that doesn’t mean we can’t make things happen. That said, we had to think outside the box, while making our group photo.

Without further ado, this is us!

From left: Ana Raquel (Portugal), Akrem (Tunisia), Petra (Croatia), Gonzalo (Spain), Arina (Latvia), Oussama (Tunisia), Judit (Hungary), Kristiāns (Latvia)

ANA RAQUEL: Recently arrived from the beaches of the south of Portugal, here I am finally ready to discover all the hidden beauties and creatures living in this wonderful Marine Protected Area of Punta Campanella. First impressions? Beautiful sights, a very friendly and motivated team and highly supportive mentors. Such a great opportunity to get in touch with the knowledge that I’ve once learned seated in the classrooms of my university but this time being able to see it in real screen. Biology is really fascinating I can tell… and sustainability is increasingly more needed. I just can’t wait to speak the Italian language! I’m very excited! What a tsunami of fresh air after this unusual quarantine at home!

AKREM: Ciao a tutti! I’m Akrem from Tunisia. I’ve always been curious and fascinated about nature and science. One day I took a dive at sea and a switch flipped in me: I fell in love with the underwater world. It was a revelation that at each dive, I’m able to discover new things. An ocean full of discovery and knowledge that constantly needs conservation and further study. And from there I started a career as a marine ecologist. Volunteering in project MARE wasn’t planned but it’s a terrific opportunity to find new challenges on a daily basis: culturally and mentally.

PETRA: I am a Croatian biologist, passionate about nature and Balkan region! My big wish was to come to live in Italy meanwhile doing something good for nature with other motivated young internationals. Besides that, I like photography and cooking and Italy is an inspiring place for capturing ”vita quotidiana” with my camera and learn new recipes! During the project M.A.R.E, I want to work more with educating people about the negative consequences of single-use plastic items and trash that ends up in our seas!

GONZALO: Hello, i am Gonzalo one of the 8 volunteers of the Project M.A.R.E 2020, i´m a spanish boy, more specifically from Madrid, who has studied Political Science. About me i can say that i have many hobbies such as travelling, movies, sports, Reading, bothering people talking about politics (my favorite) etc. I hope that al lof you who are reading this are doing very well and i will be a pleasure for me to share with you all the experiences and impressions of this wonderfull Project.

A big hug (respecting the safety distance) for everyone.


ARINA: Ciao! I am Arina from Latvia, with a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Biology. Passionate and fascinated about everything on our Planet Earth! Always open to learning new languages and things. As a hobby, I like to draw, snorkel, dive, read philosophical books, take pictures and think about existential questions. In the future, I am aspiring to become a better version of myself and willing to make a significant contribution to wildlife conservation and animal welfare worldwide. Let’s always be mindful of our surroundings and of the footprint we leave! See you around!

OUSSAMA: My name is Oussama Haouioui, also called Migaux. The small country on the top of Africa is my homeland, which is Tunisia. I’m in my early twenties, I started as a photographer and now I’m a cinematographer. I’ve made short, meaningful movies, also pictures. I like watching the sun go down as much as watching it rise. It always inspires me. I’m a sea lover, that’s why 30% of my pictures are about the sea. I have been doing voluntary work since I was 17 years old and I’m still excited as the first time as new volunteer. I’ve learned a lot of things that helped me managing my life, gave it special touches and let me enjoy the difficulties. When people ask me about my future plans, I just say, “glory days are coming”. And as we know there are lot of things to do and see, let’s just be patient and ready.

JUDIT: Ciao! I am Judit from Hungary. I am considered to be a “traveler”, “the lucky one” and a “creative human being” most of the time. In the past few years, I have lived in different parts of the world, studying, working and volunteering in a wide variety of fields. All journeys added a piece to who I am today, and I am grateful for all the experience. I have studied arts, American Studies and Communication & Media. I am passionate about animals, nature, sports and I would like to work on a more sustainable future.

KRISTIĀNS: One of my internship supervisors once called me a hopeless romantic and I’ve been rolling with it ever since. I am a self-taught Latvian artist, who gets inspired by nature, feels passionate about sustainability, loves an active lifestyle, traveling, exploring new cultures and staying up all night talking about life. I’ve always been good with expressing myself through writing, that’s why I got my bachelor’s degree in public relations and marketing. I’m striving to apply my knowledge and experience to enhance the public awareness of the environmental crisis the world is facing, because I strongly believe that communication is the bridge to a better understanding. Parliamo!