Theoretical and Practical Marine Biology Course

I have participated in the sixth edition of the Theoretical and Practical Marine Biology Course organized by the Marine Park of Punta Campanella!! I was lucky to learn many things about the Mediterranean marine life through sampling techniques, diving and laboratories with another seventeen university students from all over Italy. The lectures were held by three renowned specialists: professors Giovanni Fulvio Russo and Roberto Sandulli Partenope from the University of Naples, and Dr. Guido Villani from Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry of CNR Pozzuoli and the experienced divers Guido Pegs and Enzo Troisi.13603614_1808796576032427_7533494716830299638_oEveryday we went diving and admired some beautiful places in the Marine Park of Punta Campanella, such as Mortelle, Ieranto Bay, Punta Campanella and Vervece!!! It is awesome to wake up and start the day on a boat heading to discover thousand of treasures underwater. We dived on various types of bottom,  we saw Posidonia, rocky bottoms with lots of corals, sandy seabeds with fishes different from the ones found on the Posidonia meadows or on the rocky seabeds, and even rocky walls with caves!!! It was stunning!MED_6259.©During the afternoons, after coming back from the sea and eating together, we participated in several interesting lessons about Posidonia, benthos, meiobenthos, fish fauna, the main bodies of coral… among other subjects. All this took place in a perfect environment among peers and teachers; with more than 25 hours of lab work and diving we have learned many interesting things while having a great time together enjoying the sea!!MED_6228.©I can only say thanks to all who made this course possible, and especially to Linda and Mimi for giving me the opportunity to take part in it.MED_6368.©If you love the sea, diving, knowing more about marine biology and enjoying the beautiful nature of the marine reserve of Punta Campanella, without doubt, I suggest that you attend the upcoming Theoretical Practical Marine Biology course!!13613680_1808796569365761_8639458276044814559_o