Laboratory 2: Cnidaria

Like every Monday we spend the day to prepare the marine laboratory  for the childrens , and all the activities for this laboratory , we choose to talk about jellyfish , so we prepared all the necessary informations in a very funny ambience .


At 17:00 everything is ready , it is time to take all materials to the Centre of Massa Lubrense and prepare the laboratory before the kids come , because they are so excited to know more about marine world , at 18:00 we started the laboratory by painting session for the childrens , they colored a lot of jellyfish pictures , they did a beautiful pictures, really they are artists , secondly we made a story together about the sponge , and they made a beautiful story they have a big imagination , thirdly we started the quiz to give them more informations about the jellyfish , and with the questions we did games to show them how the jellyfish can’t move against the water direction because they are so weak , also how the sea give them food without moving ,I see that they enjoyed this games so much , they were so dynamic and happy by this activities , and finally we made jellyfishes together they made amazing jellyfishes with a lot of colors.


What a great feeling when you see that you made these childrens happy , especially when you see that they like our work and they wait for you the next week for a new marine laboratory , for us it is a big motivation to work harder