The rain has buried our Ieranto day

Yesterday I went to sleep watching the weather forecast : 65% chance of rain, then 80% then 90% …

At the next morning, the nightmare became a reality, The thunders woke me up informing me that I wouldn’t go Ieranto. A day without Ieranto is like loosing weeks of life, probably more. It’s like promising a child a candy and then remove it.

The rain has buried our Ieranto day.


I think at this time I have learned not only to love Ieranto Bay, but also that I need it. This morning my partner Karolina and I, looked at our faces like little fawns that had just lost their mother.

But nothing happens, life goes on and the project continues! We have changed the working day dream in Ieranto for environmental education work for children. They deserve it and more. The event will run, trying to do things right, to show children the importance of preserving the environment and preserve it for future generations. A rewarding and no less important job that working in Ieranto.

Maybe tomorrow the sun comes out again and we can return to make “war” on Ieranto Bay, where we are feeling better each day, each week.