M.A.R.E. 2016

Team 2016

During multiple months of living together we have got to know each other quite well. This is what we get:

a (2)
Akrem, Tunisia
Akrem adapted to Italian and Neapolitan culture as quickly as Nuria did. He is, as the meaning of his name says, a generous guy. He does not understand what private property is, and for this reason he shares everything he has and he wants you to try every kind of food he has or he cooks. The walls of the house are boring for him, so he prefers spending his time outdoors, unless it is time for sleeping, something that he also loves. Every evening he explores local streets and sidewalks and talks with everyone. Nothing is a problem for him. He is ready for adventures and new things even if he has to improvise in five minutes. And he always does it in a fun way! He also tells stories about everything and if no one is speaking to him he also does not have a problem to speak to himself. He is always ready to learn new things, but with no hurry, he is never stressed out and he puts his positivism and his relaxing way of seeing life in every activity. Doing whatever with him equals happiness, spontaneity and easy-going pace.
Akrem collects statistics from Ieranto bay.

e (2)
Elza, Latvia
Elza is a calm person. She sits in the bed and cuts videos and listens music, she goes out of the house for swimming or just to kitchen for tea…and back…many times. And then something changes and she plays games with others, she drinks and laughs and nobody can stop her to go out of the house for a hike or look through the window into Neapolitan households. She seems shy, but before long you can see her dancing, singing or making music out of a pan around the house. She has this great equilibrium between being serious, working in silence and being annoyed by noise and playing for hours and laughing a lot with the rest of us. She is in between needing to be notified well in advance about any plan and enjoying getting to do whatever at the very last moment. In between loving to speak seriously about deep themes and making the most stupid jokes just for fun… She is quite absent-minded, but she is great when plans go awry because she, rather than losing her mind, waits patiently for things to get better. She is a perfectionist sweet girl eager to meet and know as much as she can.
Elza is the video and photo documentarist of the project. She always likes to be with a camera in hands so she can capture the best moments of all of the activities. The most in the work she enjoys snorkeling and going in kayak in calm days to guard the Ieranto bay. She also likes to clean of the beaches because it is satisfying to see the “before and after” impact. 

n (2)
Nuria, Spain
Nuria is laughing all the time. She is very kind, always ready to help. Thanks to her our house is full of music and dance and games and bets. Always ready for spontaneous adventures, thinking of amazing games in the last minute and never giving up to any difficulties. She never has a plan but she always has energy. Children can find out her like a big ally because she is very creative and playful and also very patient with them. She brings us all together and always makes sure no one is left out. Quite possibly she is the fastest speaker in all of the project MARE generations.
Nuria always prefer working out, she is happy in the sea, in any activities, snorkeling, kayaking, diving, monitoring… She also likes to play a lot with children and prove that even they like the marine environment.

r (2)
Radek, Czech Republic
Radek is always in his mind thinking of some brilliant ideas that he shares only if it is very important however when he speaks for sure everyone is quiet and listening. He is incredibly talented in writing and playing music (about serious themes and also about those which are brought by our ordinary life – for example, how we forgot watermelon or what a bad day we had about) and he does everything with the utmost care, always thinking one step ahead. He is an introvert person who loves being quiet and enjoys silence but who is also able to surprise you by speaking out and sharing his funny moments or by being the one to make a dinner together much nicer playing some of his songs. With his particular way of seeing the world, he always wants to go deeper in every topic, also he feels music and nature with a big sensibility. He is the organizer, planner and also the artist of the house.

Radek most enjoys guarding the bay in a kayak and when he snorkels with tourists. He is the photographer of the project and also takes care of the website.