Laboratory 1: Porifera

Monday 19 th July , is the first day of laboratory marine with children’s in Massa Lubrense , and we choose as first topic sponges .


We passed all the day preparing the program of the laboratory , and we divided the tasks between us , itwas so perfect how we were organized .

At 6:30 we started the laboratory , we found a lot of children motivated to know more about the sea , and explore more about the plants , and the animals who live in the Mediterranean , when you see them you can feel an amazing feeling because were so interested , and they motivate us to do more for them .


Firstly we started with a game to present ourselves , to present and the childrens , everyone said his name ,where he live , and his favorite marine animal , secondly we did a game to show them how the sponge function , and they were so dynamic to win in this game at the same time we felt how much they love the sea, thirdly we did a quiz for them to know more informations about the sponge , and we were amazed because there are some of them who knows a lot about the sponges , finally we gave them all the necessary tools to draw the marine animals , really they drawed so beautiful pictures.

We are so happy by this activity , and what a great sensation when you see that you make childrens happy , and excited to explore more about the sea animals , we will do our best to prepare good activities for them to make them more motivated to explore more and more