Second time cleaning in Crapolla

Change of plan for today ! We cleaned Crapolla’s beach during this morning for the party which will be held next day “Solennità di San Pietro“.

  • According to tradition, St. Peter landed in Crapolla on his journey to Rome. Every year on June 29, the day dedicated to St. Peter, the local faithful make a pilgrimage from Torca to the Chapel of San Pietro, where it is celebrated the Holy Mass; the festivities continue later on the beach among food and fun.

First  we went to the office (Anis, Indra and Meli) to meet wih our mentor Nuria as well as Nicola and Luca (marine protected area Punta Campanella’s captains).

Marina Della Lobra – Let’s go to Crapolla’s beach! (Méli-Shéryam, Indra, Nuria)
Team MARE <3 (Luca, Anis Méli-Shéryam, Indra, Nuria)

Then they drove us down to Marina della Lobra. Together we headed with the rubber dinghy to Crapolla. The weather was windy, the sea a little agitated. During the whole trip, the boat was rolling because of the waves, we could see only some few boat navigated.

Finally we reached our destination. We got divided into two groups :

  • Anis and Méli-Shéryam went near the chapel and cleaned all the way down,
  • Nuria and Indra collected all the rubbish and wastes at the rocky beach.
  • While Luca and Nicola waited for us in the boat on the sea
Time to clean =)


After more than an hour, we ended up with a lots of garbage : plastics (corks, bottles…), glasses, papers, metals…

Almost finished…
Ciao waste, Hope we NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN !
Bon débarras !

At least now Crapolla’s beach is clean and ready for tomorrow’s celebration, and let’s hope people will be more conscious and responsible about our environment ! 

All garbage collected ! So proud of our team ! Viva la natura !