Pure Ieranto, now even at night!

The last weekend, Ieranto became our new home. Completely. We have not only worked, we also ate lunch, ate dinner, had breakfast and, above all, we shared unforgettable moments.

For some of us (Kristaps and Antonia) all started on Saturday morning with the normal work and monitoring. Monitoring of land and sea.

After that, they were kayaking in Punta Campanella with Pippi and Francesco, in order to spend the night there and perform other nighttime activities that we had planned.

On the other hand, the rest of the group (Imen, Marion, Karolina, Andris, Yanal and Joaquin), with Mimi and Valentina, voluntary of last year and Stephanie … WAIT !, WHERE’S STEPHANIE? After … … a problem of understanding, probably due to lack of communication … we had left behind Stephanie! (Voluntary two years ago, Marelina forever). Mimi had to go, in the van, take her, and the plans were delayed again …

Once we were all together, we started the descent to Punta Campanella from Monte San Costanzo. We walked more than two hours from one of the most beautiful locations in the peninsula Sorrentina.


Once there, we had dinner with colleagues and initiated a series of night shifts to count the ships coming into the bay, to fish. Not only illegal activities, also of dubious morality …

For the morning, some of us went kayaking from Punta Campanella to Ieranto to continue with the monitoring activities! Some of us went snorkeling around Ieranto, wonderful!

Mapa2          Personally, this day was incredible, the last day of Ferragosto Ieranto and enjoyed nice concert, under the olive trees, situated not far to the Salvatore house.

The next night, we repeated monitoring activities night, this time from the Ieranto “Cava”.


The full moon, the good company, good work we did, the laughter, the sandwich that tasted glory in the midst of nature, MARE language (sometimes in Spanish, sometimes Italian, sometimes English, sometimes French, sometimes Latvian, Arabic, and sometimes a mix of all), the abundant food (we were) for all the mosquitoes of the bay, have made this weekend at a time that will go down in history as the weekend where 3 generations of “Marelinos” with the unique and inimitable D.Sgambati, our favorite Pippi and the Great Francesco Maresca, pure marine genius, we sat down together to enjoy our favorite activity. Custoriar Ieranto. Ensuring the protection of nature. Make the world a place a little ‘better to live. Because … Make no mistake, Ieranto is a beautiful place. And the beauty will save the world (Dostoevsky).