Mid-term training

In the middle of the summer – the hottest time in the meaning of the weather and as well as amount of the work, the project M.A.R.E. volunteers left their daily routine aside to participate in the mid-term training. This time we had to split our team, because we couldn’t go all together, as somebody always has to keep an eye on Ieranto bay.

Olga, Felipe and Henrik went to the first training, which took place in a very pleasing place – a hotel at the seaside of Civitavecchia city on 18th till 21st of July. They could enjoy nice evenings at the beach, watching the sun falling into the sea or a swim in the swimming pool.

Contrary the other trio (Anis, Meli and Indra) had a chance to experience different landscapes and more Nordic weather, as the training took place in a peaceful place not far from Vitorchiano, surrounded by mountains, meadows and trees one week later. Volunteers were welcomed by a heavy rainfall and cooler air temperatures. The last evening this group organized also a visit to a small, but very beautiful and charming town Vitorchiano.

Despite of the diverse places and people gathered by these events, both groups of M.A.R.E. volunteers had a fascinatingly similar experience. It was an opportunity to meet friends from the arrival-training, get to know many new personalities, exchange the experience as well the ideas, how to solve the problems faced during the EVS. The trainers were sympathetic, the activities exciting and worthwhile and encouraged us to think over our EVS journey and to build plans for the future. The participants in some way were more wisdom and cohesive. All in all, these days were as a sip of fresh air (direct and figuratively), fulfilled with fun as well as relaxing moments, leaving pleasant memories for everybody.