M.A.R.E. family !

Such a strange feeling ! 3 month before I even didn’t know this persons. And now, they represent the biggest part of my life. Feelings are so intense here, unreal. We live all together, we work together, we cook together, we laugh together. There is no more « I » but « WE », M.A.R.E community.11391459_815257015231351_8234860217312792371_nI am the kind of lonely person and here no more time for being alone and find myself like I used to do before, and I even don’t miss it ! I always want to talk with every one of us, want to know them more, to understand every ways of living.

We are all totally different, coming from different countries, different characters, but we all feet each others ! WHY ? Still a mystery for us. In this short period we built very strong relations and a welded group. Daniele our mentor would say that it’s thanks to him and all the activities we made every Monday ;) It’s true that to share some pieces of our life and feelings helped a lot.

11863506_850789088344810_883252647747671091_nSans titreSince this summer, we also realized that MARE family is not only the 8 of us, but there are 13 others MARElini all around Europe from the 2 last generations before us. Some came to visit us, always happy to meet the news MARElini, always sharing their knowledge and previous experiences about the project, always bringing and sharing theirs particulars skills (beers making / graphic design etc). Others will visit, other maybe in the next future, for a MARElini festa …

mareliniI am very happy and proud to be part of this huge adventure (the biggest of my life so fare, obviously), and to be in this 2015’s generation of MARElini ! I love you crazy band !

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