Looking for volunteers for the second edition of the M.A.R.E. Supporting Team

Thanks to a strategic partnership with the Italian National Agency, our organization is offering the opportunity for 3 volunteers from Italy to participate in the second edition of the M.A.R.E. Supporting Team: a short term ESC (2 months: 1st of August – 30th of September) with the Marine Protected Area of Punta Campanella (Massa Lubrense, NA).

Project M.A.R.E. is a big community made of almost 100 volunteers from more than 10 different countries that have reached the project during the last 9 years. Now we are looking to strengthen our team even more to help us fulfil our objectives.


Project M.A.R.E. represents a unique experience in collaboration with the Punta Campanella MPA to support marine conservation programmes meant to reduce human impacts on natural resources.

Volunteers work to spread awareness about the richness of marine ecosystems, promote ecotourism, to clean up beaches and the sea, working side by side with operators of the MPA and the many local organizations that follow the same path of sustainable development.

During the last 9 years of activities (from 2013 until today) volunteers have participated in many local initiatives, international meetings, and conferences, and they have achieved many results in terms of support to the Park and personal development.

This opportunity can be a life-changing experience as it offers a chance to the participants to learn more about our role as part of ecological systems. In addition, the communal living, teamwork and cultural exchange provide a great way of non-formal education helping you learn more about yourself and the direction you want to take in life.


We are looking for 3 volunteers from Italy (short term, +- 60 days) aged between 18 and 30 that are able to work with different parts of the organization:

  • The project team, made of a group of volunteers from different countries, cultures and backgrounds, a coordinator and mentors.
  • Partners of Caretta in vista, made of biologists, educators, volunteers.

Volunteers should be motivated, open-minded, curious, tolerant, able to share, have a positive attitude and eagerness to learn. We would like to involve people in this adventure who have a special interest and love for nature, the ocean, marine conservation, education and outdoor activities.


Punta Campanella MPA is located at the southern edge of the Gulf of Naples and it represents one of the most natural sites within this basin.

The territory is made of mountains that fall into the sea. Due to its location between the city of Naples and the Amalfi coast, it is a popular destination for luxury and mass tourism. The MPA also protects natural places like Ieranto bay, which bear marks of ancient civilizations that make these natural places even more fascinating and mysterious.

In an effort to expand marine conservation initiatives to other parts of the Campania province, the Punta Campanella MPA established a network with other associations and parks, including the National Park of Cilento. Since the beaches of the National Park of Cilento are one of the most important nesting sites for the Loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta), the Caretta in Vista project was initiated to monitor the nesting sites, as well as the hatchings which take place towards the end of summer. Volunteers of the supporting team will mainly be involved in the latter.


The 12-person team will mainly be involved in activities concerning the monitoring of sea turtle hatchings as well as communication about the activities and the project itself, thereby spreading awareness about the importance of marine conservation to local and international audiences.

Volunteers will be asked to take part in and encouraged to initiate the following activities:

  • Sea Turtle Conservation – to monitor and protect nests and hatchlings and to assist in data collection
  • Spreading Info & Awareness – to spread information about sea turtles, the Punta Campanella MPA and Project M.A.R.E. and promoting ecotourism
  • Outdoor Adventures – to meet nature face to face, and enjoy its power and energy as there will be time to explore the sea and the national park of Cilento
  • Beach and Sea Clean-ups
  • Intercultural Dialogue – to learn about different cultures and to share your own

Volunteers will support the park initiatives with a 30 to 40 hours/week commitment (6-8h/day). They will enjoy 2 weekly free days although not necessarily in the weekend and an additional 2 monthly free days.

The schedule is as follows:

 DescriptionMARE supporting team
TRAINING and ORIENTEERINGIntroduction to the territory, marine resources, outdoor activities, active communication, park rules and marine conservation.
1st – 2nd week
(1/8/’22 – 14/8/’22)
SEA TURTLE HATCHINGAssisting and monitoring the camp/nesting site in shifts of 3-4 hours both day and night with the aim of protecting the nests and spreading awareness about sea turtle conservation.2nd  – 7th week
(15/8/’22 – 18/9/’22)
FEED BACK & FINAL DAYSDuring the last week, volunteers will slow down activities, and concentrate more on the evaluation of everything that was done during the summertime. They’ll present their work to different audiences.8th week and final days
(19/9/’22 – 30/9/’22)


The supporting team will stay in a shared house, with shared bedrooms and bathrooms in Cilento. This also means they will be expected to collaborate in the household. However, only the first two and the last week they will share it altogether as the project requires them to spend multiple nights camping on the beach as the monitoring activities requires it. Depending on the schedule, different people will occupy the house at different times.

Whereas the house offers many commodities, a large part of the period will be spent in the beach camps where living conditions are more basic and shared with external volunteers. You will spend most of the time outside and, depending on the nesting site, there might be limited access to a fully equipped bathroom and cooking will be done on a gas fire.


The project is a part of the EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY CORPS, and it is financed by the Italian National Agency. Thanks to these funds we can cover these expenses for volunteers:

  1. Round trip – to come here at the beginning of the project, and to return back to their hometown;
  2. Accommodation – a shared flat with other volunteers/beach camp;
  3. Food Expenses – an amount of 150€ per month is guaranteed to volunteer to cover food expenses at the end of each month;
  4. Pocket Money – an amount of 150€ per month is guaranteed to volunteers for extra expenses at the end of each month;
  5. Training – several training sessions will be offered to volunteers in order to give them the best tools to support our work;
  6. Orienteering – the first step of the project is to become a local person, trying to orienteer in the new town, understanding the geography of the Cilento and the province of Naples to make you feel at home;
  7. Mentoring – volunteers will take part in meetings with a mentor to monitor the progress and discuss any problems that they might face during the project.

If you are interested in this project do not hesitate and APPLY NOW!

Check out our Facebook and Instagram page and our blog if you want to find out more about who we are.

HOW TO APPLY: send an email to mareapplication@gmail.com with your Curriculum Vitae and using WeTransfer, send us a ONE-minute motivational video explaining us your reasons for wanting to be a part of this project. After this, you will receive a link to a questionnaire which also must be filled in prior to the application deadline. Only candidates from Italy between 18 and 30 years of age will be considered. 

Application deadline is the 17th of July.