Ieranto Open Day

The past Saturday 25th of May, an open day was organized in Ieranto. On this occasion we were with last year’s volunteers… we were sure that the day was going to be beautiful!

To get to Ieranto, we had to do a 45-minute path full of plants, flowers, rocks and wonderful views… we arrived finally at the bay, unbelievable! It was not possible to still believe that this place will be our office during the summer.

Because of the emotion (the heat !!) we could not wait to jump into the water. So, before starting the activities, we took a small bath jumping from the platform that is there. Very refreshing !!!

We started with some really beautiful speeches from the other volunteers, they gave us advices on how to live our experience as much as possible. The essential thing is to love the work we do, feeling like a part of the environment, not giving up and, at the same time, learning and educating.

On this day, we invited people who were there to go kayaking and snorkeling with us. A ride on the Bay, discovering all the beauty it has. Caves, organisms under water…

That day we also went to a public meeting at the Visitor Center of the Marine Protected Area of ​​Punta Campanella in Massa Lubrense. The mystery of the “jelly balls” and other sightings with Roberto Sandulli of the Parthenope University. After a lot of time of discussing, he found that It was a squid ovary case. It was very interesting!

Jelly Ball, by Antonino Siniscalchi

Although we talked about the Marine Park initiative to promote Citizen Science, when citizens become researchers. In fact, everyone can contribute to research by sharing data, photos and videos of particular environmental situations. Punta Campanella has created a special site,, where it is possible to send various kinds of reports: sightings of rare or valuable species, environmental emergencies …

In the end, we meet to cook and have dinner together! Another perfect day of M.A.R.E. meeting!