Here you can see all of the videos that we have produced in previous months. Videos of the park activities and also of our own.



April ’16
 Our first month in Italy. Young, naive and with no idea about our future, we start learning Italian, exploring territories and slowly understanding our tasks.

May ’16 Arrives Akrem, our volunteer from Tunisia, and our team is finally complete. We do our first presentation in a school and a hiking trip for five days with Italian friends, which is a big step for practicing Italian.

June ’16 A month of studying, training, exploring and getting ready for the work in the summer.

July ’16 We spend most of the days monitoring in Ieranto Bay and doing environmental education with kids.

August ’16 We continue environmental education and monitoring in Ieranto bay with the help of volunteers from previous years.

September ’16 A month full of activities concerning environmental education and cleaning the sea and the paths.

Videos of the park.

Liberation of four sea turtles in Nerano.