Ferragosto week: no stop

Neither the heat or the summer, August and the holidays stop us and we continue with our work in the bay of Ieranto.

Infopoint in Ieranto.
Welcome to the Infopoint in Ieranto! Here you can find a world of information, from books about biodiversity of Ieranto and the Mediterranean, marine protected areas… among others. During the lasts months we prepared posters that shows the 5 major impacts that the sea is suffering at the moment: invasive species, habitat destruction, climate change, marine litter and pollution, overfishing… Here you will also find information about FAI (Italian Environmental Fund) which manages the land part and works together with us in activities such as cleaning of the platform, the beach, the path, as well as providing information and extra activities to all the people who come.

National Youth Agency.
On August 15th we welcomed the team of the National Youth Agency. An intense day full of emotions immersed in nature, including excursions to Ieranto, diving and cleaning activities, conservation and protection of biodiversity of the Marine Park of Punta Campanella.

Coast Guard and sea urchins.
This week there was a person in the bay taking sea urchins. Fortunately, the people on the beach were attentive and came to inform us of the situation. Finally, the Coast Guard came and found this person. With this we want to ask all the people who see some action illegal you can inform the people in charge of the area, with this contribution you help a lot to preserve nature.

Monitoring. Ieranto data.

Excursions in Ieranto.