EVS arrival training

23th of June  is the first day of EVS formation for 2016 volunteers . We are ready to live new adventures with new persons!  The formation took place in Viterchiano near of Roma. 24 participants from different countries like France, Spain, Armenia, Moldova, Georgia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Czech Republic, Tunisia… The place was very nice and we enjoyed the magic of nature. The entire place was green and very calm. In the first two days we did activities to know each other more and after that we started to learn about EVS objectives and ambitions.


We also discussed about the problems that we can face in our EVS and did Italian courses every morning from 9 to 13 to improve our Italian level, to communicate more with Italians and also to integrate easily into Italian lifestyle. Without that we also did a cooking course, Italian gestures course, Italian mafia story and we talked a little about  Italian cinema and literature. We did an investigation about many topics. Dividing into 5 groups we discussed different topics like religion, economical situation in Italia etc. Our investigation took place in Viterbo , where we talked with people about these topics and we collected information with their help to know more how Italians think about these things.


It was a very nice experience. Personally I learned a lot from it, for example now I feel that I can speak easily Italian. Also I learned a lot of new things for communicating easier with people here and finally I made friends from different countries and now I know a lot of things about other cultures.