At the end of July, four of our volunteers went to Sicilia to participate in their mid-term training near Catania in Nicolosi. Alvaro, Frauke, Mikus and Sonia together with other 29 volunteers followed activities about our future expectations; about challenges we encountered and giving advice to future volunteers (which we did in the form of a video); and about our situation in our projects, how it was in the beginning and how it is now. This training was really useful to all of us, we met new volunteers, and we got information about other projects and life in different parts of Italy.


After our mid-term training we stayed in Sicilia for 4 more days to visit our friends in the city of Bronte, who also work in an EVS project for the organization Giacche Verdi Bronte ( They are two German guys, Tilo and Flavio, who are doing their EVS project for 1 year in the field of environmental education and protection in the region of the volcano Etna. While visiting them we had the chance to go together to see the amazing fields of lava 1 700 m up on the Etna, and got a small inside view of their work.


Tilo worked that day on an important project where he and three forestry professors from Palermo made a study to protect 500+ year old oaks on Monte Egitto, an old extinguished volcanic crater, from artificially planted pines, which grow too high and take all the sunlight.


These 4 days we stayed in Bronte in the house of Tilo and Flavio. Bronte is a city on the eastern side of the Etna, famous for its production of pistachio, with 20000 inhabitants between the Nebrodi National Park and the Etna Park. One thing that was impressive was the night life in Bronte, it was full of young people and loud music in the beautiful medieval architecture of the city.


The last day we spent lying on the beach: on one side there was Etna making thunderous sounds, and on the other side across the sea we could see until Calabria; it was a beautiful place.


When we left Bronte we took the historical train line Circumetnea, and from the window we could see a sea of pistachio trees covering all the mountains.



Sinda M.

Marinella 2013

Hello everybody !!! Look at that blog… waouuuu and you will see involved people.. Of course, not everyday, because we know that it’s not possible to be “in” all day long and everyday day but …. They’re trying as I did last year with Mada, Daga, Step, Mimi & Alba and so many Others. And I can share with you a secret: it was an AMASING and BEAUTIFUL moment in my life and in their life too…
Sharing time together, energy, pleasure, discovering new environement of life, working on it, growing up also in that… what can i add ? So… so many deep feelings and thoughts, but it’s not necessary to develop it more and more. Just  you, people that are discovering this blog, try to think and act,  it’s just what we ask you: save and preserve our Earth ….  

Dagnija B.

Marellina 2013

So, I am Dagnija and I come from Lettonia. Yes, I’m tall, yes, I ate a lot o vitamines when I was a child to be as tall. Also my feet are bigs and so I don’t need fins to swim fast.

Besides, I live in Riga, I study marine biology and I feel soooo exited when I see a map.

Stephanie L.

Marellina 2013

Ciao, Hallo, Salut! I’m Stéphanie and I’m a german-french sea-junky from Berlin. After school I decided that it was time for something different…and somehow I landed in a small italian disconnected beautiful village, beeing a volunteer for the first MARE Project in 2013. I must say I passed the happiest time of my life there, kayaking, snorkelling, explaining the Mediterranean beauty to tourists and friends and living with inspiring international people, close to the beautiful nature… Now I study geography and economics and hope to se(a) and help to protect all of the world’s seas!

Madara P.

Marellina 2013

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about this volunteering period is the feeling to have done a perfect and very important choice for my life. It doesn’t happen often, that all conditions match that perfectly ! Indeed I participated in many activities, collecting new experiences and emotions that I will, for sure, carry with me for all the life !