DUEproject initiative

The project M.A.R.E. joined the MAREA Outdoors Association to work with the DUEproject (http://dueproject.org) initiative, which involves all sea enthusiasts. The aim is to survey and record key marine species to help determine the health status of the Mediterranean Sea.


MAREA decided to organize a full day of biological monitoring at Ieranto Bay and volunteers of Project M.A.R.E. were present throughout the whole event. The day started with the briefing of activities and tasks, species and how to fill in the monitoring questionnaires. All participants learned how the initiative works and how they should monitor and record the species. Afterwards we did snorkeling and monitoring. We saw many different species and shared knowledge. We had a break for lunch together and after we continued. In the end of the day, we analysed our findings and discussed the outcomes. It was a fun and interesting day!