Cultural shock

Europe, Italia, this beautifull dream. I had always this fantastic idea about the other part of the world. I have created a perfect picture in my head about places outside my country. I have imagined that they live in paradise , without problems , satisfied about their life , happy like in films . The wonderfull life …. I lived with this dream and with idea and it grew up with me. I always wished to go one day there and see that world.

foto 1And finally this day has arrived and I am here in Italy ; my wish became a reality .

In the beginning , I found everything like I had imagined it, everything seems perfect and organized and after I met new nice friends and we spend good time together, we talked about a lot of topics and HOP! my ideas that lived with my whole life seemed to be wrong : they also have problems in transport and there is also crises and the difference in life’s condition between north and south, they are not all the time satisfied about their way of living .

2It makes me laugh and I am surprised when they tell me that they don’t respect the rules and they are messy. But how??? This things, I thought that they are only in my country, and that we are the only ones who live in chaos. Also, I have seen that the mentality it’s not so different of ours, ok of course it’s opener but not so different.

Strange , hein??

I still need time to get used to all of these changes of ideas and beliefs. However, I am not disappointed, I am really happy and lucky to have this opportunity to open my eyes on the other side of the world and see things as they really are and built my own ideas not based on films or what I heard.

This will be my experience with my eyes, with my point of you, and I will always love this discovery.