Cooking pizza together

Wet as mice, we knocked on the door and Simonas sparkling: “Welcome!” made us feel like home. We were surprised by Simonas nephews and family, expecily little Daniel who ran into my arms, not even caring about my wet jacket. He took my hand and pulled me all over the house to show me his favourite toys and his brothers. After that, I officially promised to myself that I will learn Italian.

When I joined the trombulling crowd in the kitchen (after Simona had saved me from her little nephews), rock and roll was on and pizzas started to get the shape we all know and love (of course we screwed up the first one: no worries – we fixed it and made a good calzone!) MARE project friends and volunteers slowly started to arrive and the feast could start!

Preparing the delicious pizza

Also getting to know better the old volontiers of MARE project was a special experience for all of us. We finally saw the young people that everybody was talking about. And they are exactly what we been told… Warm, inventive, interested in many different fields, but the most important of all – friends and great support in our journey.

As the time was passing by, little by little we started to be more relaxed and open in our conversations, because they also had went through this experience as well. So who can better advise you than them? They all were struggling with the same things: italian language, distance from family and native their culture. Some of them more, some of them less, just like us.

MARElinis 2018

With vine, good music, delicious food and a great company we shared our experiences and the idea of “MARE nest” was born. An idea to find a way to preserve photos, videos, and contacts for the future. More information about this a little bit later. Now, back to the pizzas.

One by one, we were testing our skills as the pizza chef with a little help of our hosts the pizzas ended up very well. The dough was made perfectly, so making pizzas was easy. The catch is: The dough needs to be thin and hold all the ingredients, but also strong enough to not break down while you are putting it in and taking it out from the oven.

With full stomachs, we spent some time chit chatting, playing with the kids and just enjoying the beautiful garden of our hosts. We made some photos to remember this wonderful sunday. Time flies, my friends…

Project M.A.R.E. family

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