Clean-up of Marina della Lobra

On Wednesday, February the 3rd, we, M.A.R.E. 2020 team, decided to make our day meaningful by giving back to the local community and to begin a journey of positive impacts. After getting suited up with our gloves and trash bags, we dedicated our day to make Marina della Lobra, our dear home, beautiful again. It was such an incredible experience!

Following all safety precautions, we aimed to collect as much waste as possible. It was a true team effort that brought us closer together. First, we started cleaning the small beach near our house. It was filled with tiny pieces of glass and plastic and a lot of cigarette buds. Then we continued by cleaning the path along the coast which was drowning in waste. A lot of it was trapped between rocks and plants. We stumbled upon an overwhelming amount of polystyrene which is rapidly becoming an environmental nightmare. Also, we found plenty of plastic bottles, bags, shoes, hundreds of small plastic pieces washed ashore and, of course, face masks – an item that is still creating a big impact on our environment.

While cleaning the beach, it was very nice and sweet to receive some uplifting words from the locals. People showed their support by stopping by and expressing their gratefulness, asking some very interesting questions, and giving us tons of encouragements. A simple grazie, “complimenti” and “buon lavoro” really did wonders and gave us motivation and joy to carry on with the work. That’s a good reminder that one kind word or a simple appreciation can change someone’s entire day.

There is a major difference between seeing photos of pollution online and witnessing it with your own eyes. It really makes one think about the devastating impact human activity has on the environment. We strongly believe that picking up trash is one of the easiest things a single person can do to help the environment. Imagine if a hundred people start doing it, then a thousand, a hundred thousand, a million…we could make a really big change. We have got only one Earth. Please be respectful and treat it right!