Campo BOE is back!

Last year, our MARE project began a new activity in collaboration with our marine park Punta Campanella : Campo BOE.
To help you to remember, this work consist in being with Nicola and Luca (the two workers of the park that are monitoring our area via boat) and help them. But how?

A Campo BOE represent a zone with buoys where boats can use it to hook themselves, in return of a contribute for the marine park (5 to 10€ depend of the size of the boat). Our campo BOE has 27 buoys in Mortelle place, between Marina del Cantone (Nerano) and our loved Ieranto bay.

le mortelle

This system, always present in the yellow zones of marine protected area, is proposed to people for different reasons. The first one is to fight against anchoring, that makes significate damage on the marine biodiversity (and mostly on the posidonia, aquatic plant present in Mortelle). Like this, boats can stop in a place where normally they cannot (being in a yellow zone where anchor is not allow), and enjoy the beauty of this protected zone.

ancora posidonia

Another secondary reason could be the possibility of entering in contact with people. Indeed, there are many persons (mostly tourists), that do not even know there are in a marine park…

This is what is interesting us this year! To help the park in his valuation activity for the environment ministry, we have to make interview via kayak to people coming to Campo BOE. We already began last Friday but unfortunately, the sea was not good, so we couldn’t do it right. But we will try again this Thursday! If you want, you could come to meet us and we could spend some time together to complete the survey :)