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So far we have spent almost a month in Ieranto. Working all of the June weekends there, getting to know
Hi! I am Ignazio, a young man from Madrid living in Italy immersed in a wonderful marine preservation project called
This year we started on the 15th of June, because from the records of last year, the first nest that
Ieranto Bay plays as a must-see attraction if you find yourself in Southern Italy, with breathtaking views and a true
Thanks to a strategic partnership with the Italian National Agency, our organization is offering the opportunity to take part in
A Dive Into the World of Communication Last week Kristiāns from M.A.R.E. 2020 edition went on a special mission to
Here we are, on the finishing line of our Project M.A.R.E. 2020. This year has been different, harder than the
In addition to our usual tasks and responsibilities, we managed to find time to have some extra fun, too. For
As March started, we were blessed with beautiful, calm, sunny weather, and what can be better on a day like
Being part of Project M.A.R.E. means that we are part of a bigger network of conservationists and people trying to
Located in northeastern Europe with a population of over 1.9 million people, Latvia has vibrant traditions and a long history
On Wednesday, February the 3rd, we, M.A.R.E. 2020 team, decided to make our day meaningful by giving back to the
On Monday, 18th of January, we continued the series of beach clean-ups proceeding with Tordigliano beach - the last one
Thanks to a strategic partnership with the Italian National Agency, our organization is offering the opportunity to take part in
Project M.A.R.E. presents the report of the summer season activities in Ieranto Bay. In this report, you can find a
The past few weeks brought us an exceptional amount of wind and rain, forcing us to stay and work from
Tunisia reveals a rich past that lies beneath an eclectic mix of intertwined cultures and religions. Throughout time, it has
This is it. We are officially halfway through the project. We would be lying if we said that it isn’t
New month, new culture to embrace and explore! We dedicated the entire month of October to dive into the rich
We landed in Italy two months ago and our arrival did not only mean the beginning of our cooperation with
As some of you may already know, the M.A.R.E. 2020 project started late this year, in July to be exact.
Let’s talk about turtles! Loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) are listed as vulnerable on IUCN Red List of Threatened species. The
Here it comes! Our long-awaited self-introductions are finally here! We are still patiently waiting for the last Tunisian volunteer to
After 114 days of waiting, we have finally started the 8th edition of Project M.A.R.E.. FINALLY!!! We must admit the
Ieranto is not just kayaking. Sometimes we change the surface of the water to go deeper and discover some wonders
Here we are with a new vacancy for 2 people from different countries to take part to a big project
After the Summer edition, it's time to back to school, but DON'T WORRY, not everything is so sad and boring
On October 4th we went to the beach of Ascea to participate in a turtle release. These two turtles were
The autumn is already here but the work in Ieranto doesn't stop. Even if we don't have a lot of
September was the month of the turtles nest and Project M.A.R.E. was ready to go and assist with sea turtle
During the summer of 2019, other than our main project "la Baia al fondo del sentiero", which is a project
This is the end, my only friend, the end. Last Saturday, 7th of September, was the closure of A Sea
Arriving at Sant’Anna Institute was the most pleasing sight that I could have asked for. After many airports and many
Neither the heat or the summer, August and the holidays stop us and we continue with our work in the
4 months and half, 136 days, 3264 hours, 195840 minutes, 11750400 seconds, has been passed since we started our adventure,
On Thursday 18th we hosted our second round of “Un mare per esplorare” (A sea to explore). This week our
We provided 9 educational activities for children from 5 to 99 years old on the theme of the sea, with
The weeks are passing by and we can not believe it...we are already in June!!! We just started the summer
From 21 to 28 May we organized the meeting between all the volunteers of the past years. This year, we
On the morning of May 22nd, our backpacks filled with a bottle of water, a sandwich and fruit were ready
In the 24th of may people of all around the world joined the World Climate Strike. According to event organizers
Wet as mice, we knocked on the door and Simonas sparkling: “Welcome!” made us feel like home. We were surprised
The past Saturday 25th of May, an open day was organized in Ieranto. On this occasion we were with last
These first few days at the MPA of Punta Campanella have been insightful and exhilarating. I began my role here
On the 14th of May we went to explore our work place for this summer, and we were accompanied by
Since our arrival in March, we were going on an Italian language course and were discovering our new home here
Hello everyone, I’m Alaeddine from Tunisia and I’m 26 years old. 5 years of study after the bachelor's degree in
Here we are, starting from the left: DANIELS: Hi, I come from the northwest of Latvia and I'm very excited
The 7th edition of Project M.A.R.E. has started this week As every year, volunteers from different countries came to Massa Lubrense
It's been more than two months since the closure of the last project MARE. It's a hard adaptation for us
Cilento is a synonym of assessment studies on shore pollution and species welfare and abundance. It means beach cleanings, turtle
It was the end of July, in the peak of the summer season in Southern Italy. Ieranto, the borderline bay
Eight in the morning, the alarm clock rings and I think it's a lie. I don't want to wake up.
From the 2nd to the 7th me and Laura traveled all the way to Nice as representants of PROJECT MARE to
On the 29th of September PROJECT MARE went to Festa del Pesce in Positano to represent the MPA and give
This month of september, 4 of us were invited by the marine turtle research centre “stazione zoologica Anton Dohrn Napoli”
After a huge summer, it's time for "UN MARE PER ESPLORARE" (a sea to explore) – program of discovery and
On Tuesday the 14th me and Dani went to do the mythical tomato sauce with Alba. Five big boxes of
There are a Spanish, a Latvian, two Portuguese and two French. This could be the beginning of a joke, but
On the 26thand 27thof July the project M.A.R.E. did a visit to Ischia to help in the cleaning of an
On Sunday morning, a group of Marine Biology students from the Sant’Anna Institute left Sorrento and began the long journey
This summer three of us have the opportunity to participate in another important work of the park : the Campo boe,
About a month ago, we started going on weekends to what will be our main working place during the summer
We are writing a special post for us, it’s about an important part of the project: our MENTOR:  the environmentalist
From the 25th of May to the 1st of June all Marelini went to Nola for an Erasmus Training on
During the days 14 to 24 May, I had the opportunity to collaborate with a team that participated in the
Welcome under the sea.  We - Fabien, Dani and Laura, took advantage of free time given by the project to
Wednesday, 23rd of May of 2018 Me, Tony and Carmela headed to the shores of Cilento to work. We woke
In the morning of 7th of May we went to the beach of Puolo to help the Istituto Zoologico Anton
The morning of 18th of April we did a study visit in a recovery center for turtles, a branch of
Last week we went to the Parco Nazionale del Cilento e Vallo di Diano for 5 days. This park, which
Few weeks ago, part of our team went to Naples and the other part joined the field trip of the
Today, we would like to talk about an important part of our training period: the italian classes! We are so
On Wednesday, 4th of April, after our usual Italian lesson, we went to Seiano, in Vico Equense, with the purpose
The new generation of The Project M.A.R.E. has arrived! We are 6 volunteers from different European countries: Latvia, Portugal, Spain
Friday 1st December 2017, we had a party to close the EVS project 2017 with some students and locals.  
As you know, an EVS is also an intercultural exchange! We are from 5 different countries (France, Latvia, Luxembourg, Portugal
For the second consecutive year MARE participate in the 18th Young and Mediterranean Meetings 2017 in Villefranche-sur-Mer in Nice (France). The
I think I have already said this before but I am going to repeat one more time: the most amazing
After a great and busy summer at Project MARE, September began with the motivating opportunity of doing a nine-day training
It’s that time of year in project MARE where things are starting to slow down a bit: less Ieranto Bay
50 years ago, a lot of boats occupied Ieranto Bay. Since the park it's created in 1997, we tried to
Over the course of a week, Project M.A.R.E. were present on the island of Ischia to help conduct some surveying
For this last week of September 2017, the olives season arrived in Ieranto bay. On Monday, FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano)
This is probably the most difficult post to write for me... Why? Because I would like to transmit you all the feelings
After a summer filled with Mare Per Esplorare sessions; 5 encounters in the center of Massa Lubrense and 2 excursions,
Thursday, we were at Ischitella’s beach in Napoli for a great event : release seaturtles.      Mimi with his dear volunteers
The hot summer session has ended.  Autumn has come: you can feel it in the air, rainy days and lower
We want to share a secret with you... A secret how to make a real (oven baked and fried) Neapolitan
Last MARE per Esplorare 2017 in the center of Massa Lubrense. Almost 2 months are past filled with environmental activities,
The beauty of this EVS project and what makes it diverse and unique is the fact that every day is
The “Un Mare per Esplorare” had one of its last events in Massa Lubrense. As usual, we met at 18.00
Ieranto Bay is a protected area of great importance to the marine park. After a full July’s work in Ieranto,
  "vulesse diventare nu brigante oi nennane..." with Napoletan music in my ears, the Freccia rossa rushes towards South. Suddenly
Italian: Arriving in a foreign country where they speak a totally different language from what you are used to can
FAI "Fondo Ambiente Italiano" is a nationwide nonprofit foundation established in 1975 with a precise objective: to safeguard Italy's artistic
The project M.A.R.E. joined the MAREA Outdoors Association to work with the DUEproject ( initiative, which involves all sea enthusiasts.
The main task in project MARE is to maintain and monitor Ieranto bay. This includes a diverse range of tasks
In the middle of the summer – the hottest time in the meaning of the weather and as well as
    After the two first sessions of Mare per Esplorare, the Marelini (bambini di Mare Per Esplorare) now know
Hey, hey! We have taken over the baton of one of the nicest activities, which is held by project M.A.R.E.
Some time ago we told you about our First Approach to Algae and Aquatic Plants. Project M.A.R.E. volunteers and some students
On Monday evening, taking chance to gather all the volunteers at home before half of our team leaves to go
Every year, from the 15th of June to 30th of September, the park operates and maintains 27 yellow buoys in
For the last seven years, the Marine Protected Area Punta Campanella has organized Marine Biology Courses. This Course is done
On the evening of 23rd of June, when all of project M.A.R.E. volunteers and our friends had gathered at our
Change of plan for today ! We cleaned Crapolla's beach during this morning for the party which will be held
After a weeks’ worth of preparation, it was finally time: the MARE project inauguration party. The idea was to introduce
A party to kick off the MARE project! All are invited! Location: Square of Massa Lubrense. On Saturday the 17th
One of the nice things about Project MARE is that we are always carrying out diverse tasks. The latest activity was
Since 18th of May we took part in an arrival training, which was held in Rome in OPERA DON CALABRIA
Friday 26th, lunchtime, i start my roundtrip in the Gulf of Naples. Sorrento-Napoli-Ischia-Napoli to participate to the NETTUNO BioBlitz. What's
In the morning, 4 volunteers made our way to Sorrento where Domenico Sgambati was waiting for us with the van
At 11:30 AM, the Punta Campanella office receives a call to inform them a turtle has been found, specifically, a
  The morning began with a boat ride to Nerano. There, samples of micro-organisms and Posedonia were colected. After donning
Arrival of the volunteers : Indra from Latvia Henrik from Luxembourg Olga & Filipe from Portugal Méli-Shèryam from Reunion Island Anis
In this project all days are different, so this one was not an exception! The volunteers of project M.A.R.E. and
Friday 24th of March was beach cleaning day, we had a great adventure and an amazing day as expected from
Before reading the text, maybe this video will help you to understand better who we are! INDRA, Latvia When I
After 9 months in Italy, where i lived amazing experiences, i did many activities, thanks to this EVS, sincerly it
After 9 months, in MARE house, now is the moment of farwell, the most difficult moment of the project, we
Santa Claus bought a nice gift for the park of Punta Campanella: new project MARE 2017 has been approved by
When I am freezing in the coldness of winter air I always think that when the summer finally comes I
After a very busy summer of work in Ieranto bay, work with schools of Pastena, Torca, Monticchio, and saint Agata,
After one week from the 20th anniversary of EVS, we had the chance to participate in the EVS mid-term training
November of “A Sea to Explore” classes is finished. All four of us, in collaboration with our colleagues from then
After 20 years of EVS projects in all Europe, and the big success of this project financed by Erasmus+. The
A script that is now repeated for 10 years, and in pending systems more intelligent and innovative to reduce impacts
The last week I spent in the Czech Republic. Where I was welcomed by cold weather and warm home. I
Now that summer days in Ieranto feel so far away, we go back to the beautiful bay to monitor different
After a busy summer of work in Ieranto bay, and environmental education with children, I decided to take a free
I am not very easy going, especially with children. My horrifying experience has been either me holding a crying baby
I have bought my flight ticket for returning to Spain. It feels like just yesterday I got here and had
I wake up. I go for a swim in a sea, in the beginning of November. Then, I put on
While the sea cools, faraway places call our volunteer Radek and boiling blood brings him into the arms of Rome.
After 6 months of my EVS, I learned many things from this experience, I discovered many new places, i learned
Finally we pulled the plug from the daily activities in our Marine Park and we all went together to learn
I am in a train with my family. We are on our way to Rome. It is a strange feeling
Friday brings a great mission. Úíáó, úíáó. The morning. The first step. Wake up, boy. Be a man, boy. Get
After a summer full of work in the sea, and monitoring of Ieranto Bay, we had a big chance to participate
In your pools, thousands of galaxies shine The way to another worlds they guard In your pools, deep and divine
In MARE generation 2016 we are just four volunteers so for this we needed a help. The help from volunteers
“Puliamo il mondo” it is the biggest initiative of the environmental volunteers organized in Italia by Legambiente in collaboration with ANCI,
The first days of September the Marine Protected Area of Punta Campanellawas committed to the second edition of "Bluteam in
We finish the summer season of Un Mare Per Esplorare with a big party. Before starting the games we make
Last Sunday several fishermen found, roughly a mile off Torre del Greco, a Caretta caretta turtle having problems and not
Last week in beautiful beach of Caprioli in Cilento workers and volunteers of “Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn Napoli” cooperating with
After 5 marine laboratory about 5 different family of sea animals, we chose fish as a topic for the last
Like Every Monday, all project mare team is ready for a new marine laboratory, for this week we chose as
After 4 marine laboratories and one excursion in Ieranto we organized another excursion to Crappola. We have 21 participants with
Thursday 25th of August - this day will be remembered in future years for the fire that raged in our
A green van stops. A temperature is rising. Six guys, steel in eyes and hands full of cardboard boxes. What
Tordigliano, in the municipality of Vico Equense and just a few miles from Positano, is one of the wildest and
Last year, our MARE project began a new activity in collaboration with our marine park Punta Campanella : Campo BOE. To
After four days of "A sea to explore" in Massa Lubrense and of learning several important facts about marine animals, yesterday
Like every Monday we spend the day to prepare the marine laboratory  for the childrens , and all the activities
Monday 19 th July , is the first day of laboratory marine with children’s in Massa Lubrense , and we
The Marine Park of Punta Campanella has also participated in a waste collection on the coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula.
Today I finished my first working week, in amazing place Ieranto Bay where you find beautiful, clean sea, mountains and where
I have participated in the sixth edition of the Theoretical and Practical Marine Biology Course organized by the Marine Park
23th of June  is the first day of EVS formation for 2016 volunteers . We are ready to live new
I have been in Italy for three months already. Thanks to my development during these three months, I work more
Now feeling more confident and professional with kayaks (and with professional I mean finally I could turn my kayak without
And finally the happiest moment from marine turtle recovery process arrives! We have been lucky enough to be present in
Marine turtles are endangered animals with really interesting and complicated lives. To better know their activities, movements and threats is
Dear Adnène, this is my third week in Italia, I really like the people here, they are so sociable, the
Today we would like to share with you one song of our volunteer Radek Rath Malý. Hearts are islands in
First of all thank you! Thank you for taking care of our seas, for recognizing the importance they have and
On the 28th of april Domenico had a surprise for us – a trip to Napoli. Me, Nuria, Radek, Domenico,
On Saturday we woke up at 7 am and took bus from Massa Lubrense center to Nerano. There we helped
It´s time to go there, to hike around, to spot the details, to meet Salvatore, to swim into the bay…
On Monday we started our first Italian class. Most of the week has been waking up at 7.30am and going
Dear Baiba, Excitement mixed with adrenaline is what I am feeling for the first time in my life going to
The sunrise of new M.A.R.E. project – 4th edition. Every year there’s something changing: the house, the activities, the van,
We are now at the dawn of the 4th edition of the project MARE. In April we will host another 4 new
Who never watched Kim-ki Duk’s wonderful movie “spring summer fall winter and spring”?! Who didn’t fall in love with the
What's the thing you'll miss most from here? What's the thing you miss most from Czec Republic? The people I'll
Imen is our Tunisian volunteer who left as the first of us few days ago. She is famous for her
We were on our way in the early morning, heading for the harbour of Castellammare di Stabia. There we would
Every day that I went to Ieranto there seemed to be a different feeling being born in the same place
During the 8months- your point of view at the sea changed? Yes! Very much, at first the sea was only
The second day of the MassaDaMARE event that we saw had a harder way compared to the first day in
  Seven months have passed. Seven months since the eight of us started our European Voluntary Service in the mountain
Today, December 19, together with other members of Project MARE we made a trip from Sant'Agata to Marina della Lobra
This morning we woke up early…to go to Ieranto the first time after a couple of weeks. We had good
Tuesday evening, accepting the invitation from our newly made friends – association Fondalicampania, three delegates of Project M.A.R.E. went to
For better understanding of our area is also nice to see how they prepare the local food. We are lucky,
The last 5th of December, Saturday, we went to this conference organised by our park Punta Campanella about fishing and
On Tuesday, November 17, we have collaborated with Claudio, WWF, to plant some trees near the San Costanzo's church. but
We made new friends! Here is their presentation:  Fondalicampania is a cultural nonprofit association, free and independent, which operates in
Now that we are in the cold weather, Ieranto, the hard work and all the fun is done over there. But
Project M.A.R.E. starts to become really famous! This small child conceived three years ago thanks to the awesome persons who
On Friday 13.11. , we were part of nice event, where we had chance to talk about our Project MARE as
It has been now 4 month that we use kayak for monitoring the Ieranto bay. Honestly, I would never believed
Monitoring of Ieranto Bay of the summer of 2015 has ended. The quantity and quality of the data obtained during
But what is Sillage? Some time ago Gaëlle, the French MARElina of 2014, kindly wrote me to talk about this
As volunteers of Project MARE one of the aspects that we must not forget is the training. Training as volunteers
V současné době existuje festival v Portici, nazvaný "Oktoberfest Strany zelených", kde najdete mnoho stánků (informování o přírodě, ale také
We live in this world, everyday is a new journey in which we discover different things and learn important lessons
20 of them came to our lovely Ieranto no more than a week ago. Yes, a week ago! Which means
Ieranto Bay is not a suitable location for cosmopolitans, who cannot and do not know how to enjoy nature. It
On October 4, Sunday, members of the MARE project went to an event organized by LEA Valle delle Ferriere and
Volunteers of the MARE project , with the members of the environmental association "Macchia Mediterranea", worked together on September 26
MARE Project is celebrating its third birthday. I love to see the child grow up, as activities develop and become
From our beautiful landscape we moved a little bit to the South to create really nice collaboration with another marine
MARE is a project about protection of the environment, in which each of us comes from a different country, with
What is campo boe? It is our new activity...that ended last week. You might ask why we write about it
Such a strange feeling ! 3 month before I even didn’t know this persons. And now, they represent the biggest part
Ciao! Of course you already know about our monthly info poster. Maybe you even saw it in some small Italian
4 of september. Massa Lubrense Square. Pro Loco. AMP Punta Campanella. Project MARE. A theme: Biodiversity. 6 monitors: Karolina, Imen,
Europe, Italia, this beautifull dream. I had always this fantastic idea about the other part of the world. I have
The last weekend, Ieranto became our new home. Completely. We have not only worked, we also ate lunch, ate dinner,
Ciao tutti! You probably remember this funny note from the last year: This is what happens when 8 quite different
Probably nobody would have still anticipated this article coming out now, but incredible things happen..Two or three weeks after the
Ciao tutti! Here is one more story about last year volunteer who is coming back to visit the new team
And finally, the day arrived. The day of the boys have been waiting for a lot of time ago! The
The 14th of August, we started with one of the parts of MARE project more exciting and rewarding. ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION
On the 25th of July we went to Orte for the On Arrival Training, a formation to talk about our
This summer and for the first time in Ieranto, FAI receives volunteers ! From 18 to 25 years old, every week
The pavement in residential districts, market places and even the coastline and touristic regions seem to be open air waste
Yesterday I went to sleep watching the weather forecast : 65% chance of rain, then 80% then 90% ... At
I decided to write this article about jellyfish (even if it’s different from what we used to post), because I
Oliver. I’ve been living here now for more than a month- and still didnt write anything about the cutest, most
The Germans are coming! Well, no more. They came and they went. But what was it that they did in
8 months after - after the last day in Ieranto (full of jellyfish but still sunny enough to stay on
Due anni fa, un gruppo di volontari assolutamente leggendario arrivò a Nerano downtown, la prima generazione di MARElini, che pero
Few days ago, we finally made the official presentation between ourselves and the park's staff! That was an opportunity to
Hello Kamacho! How are you? I hope all is ok, I'm perfect here in the South of Naples, there are a lot of things to do, and now with the activities of the project - the italian lessons...Idon't have time to send you emails or letters! Sorry! I'm sure that you can forgive me. I don't know how to start... But probably today is a good day to talk to you about one very interesting activity with our mentor in which all of my mates participated, me includedof course. This is the the mentoring time, and we do some activities with the main objective to get to know each other better. Our mentor explained us some activities that we had to do, in pairs, or in teams, for example, the last monday afternoon, we had to present each other to all the group. We didn't talk a lot about the each other because we have lived together just for two weeks, it's not enough time, so it is too soon to know any information about the others. However, at the end of the activity we knew a lot of things about the others mates!!! In an other activity, each of us had to write six sentences about ourselfs.  Then, our mentor had to read the information in public to the others mates and we had to guess which one was the person that the mentor was talking about. At the end, we did some activities together in pairs with the main objective - understanding that we can do a lot of things if we work in a team. In order to do so, we have to work like one. In a team and not like individual persons. For sure this kind of activities will be very usefull in the dynamics of the MARE group, and our lives. I hope to talk with you soon man! Visit me soon!
Dear Sarah (o connor) and Büchli! Since last Monday we are having Italian class here and will have for four
My dear friend, I write you, because I want to share my feelings from first 20 days on EVS. This
Dear dear friends, I arrived in Sorrento 3 weeks ago now, can you believe it ? Time goes so fast,
Dear Friend, If you have ever wondered where I've been lost, fear no more – I am living happily in
Ciao amico! I am writing to you to explain my recent absence. I am in Italy, Meta – a commune
MA.R.E 2015 is in ! At least, a part of it ! In few days, all the volunteers will be in the
From the 5th to the 7th of September 2014, around 30 kayakers and nature lovers, amongst them us M.A.R.E.lini, met
It’s the symbol of the Mediterranean and develops on sandy bottoms in a depth between 1 and 30-35 meters, where
One impressive thing in Sorrento peninsula is almost 500 years old towers, that were made for defend from pirates. Nowadays
Composting is a technic to turn organic wastes into high quality compost thanks to decomposing organisms     Importance of
We design and write our promotional posters in order to inform people about what we do in a more direct
At the end of July, four of our volunteers went to Sicilia to participate in their mid-term training near Catania
Marinella 2013 Hello everybody !!! Look at that blog... waouuuu and you will see involved people.. Of course, not everyday, because
Marellina 2013 So, I am Dagnija and I come from Lettonia. Yes, I'm tall, yes, I ate a lot o
Marellina 2013   Ciao, Hallo, Salut! I'm Stéphanie and I'm a german-french sea-junky from Berlin. After school I decided that
Marellina 2013 The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about this volunteering period is the feeling