The hot summer session has ended.  Autumn has come: you can feel it in the air, rainy days and lower temperatures, including in the way how our routine has changed…

We still monitor Ieranto bay, however because of the thunderstorms and windy weather it has been canceled many times. Even the days we do spendin Ieranto are now different, with fewer boats entering and less people there in general. The inflow of tourists has significantly declined and the time to enjoy this scenic place in a much calmer atmosphere has finally come. But it doesn’t mean holidays for us. We still have plenty of work to do:

  • Next Sunday the very last activity related to „Un Mare per Esplorare” will take place. This time we are going to visit the Gaiola Underwater Park :)))  Starting in October we are going to start teaching the schools and we already have a nice plan.
  • We are continuing the work on questionnaires. There is a wide range of them, for all tastes, so to speak =)
  • Not the most exciting part of the work, though very important, is compiling the data from the monitoring of Ieranto, as well as results of questionnaires in Excel and analysing them.
  • In November two of us will have a chance to participate in a youth conference in Nice. This year we are going to present project M.A.R.E.’s activities.
  • The turtles, of course…today Olga departed to Palinuro (yes, the same nest we wrote about before) as a volunteer/team member to wait for the small miracle – the hatching (keep following the blog, there will be a post about it!). On 21th of September we are going to participate in another turtle liberation day, yeah! And that’s not all…during the October and November months, in collaboration with the Zoological Station „Anton Dohrn”, we will have an amazing possibility to go there once or twice per week to lendthem a helping hand.

This project never stops to amaze us! Besides the planned activities there always appears something unexpected and interesting happening. Keep a track of our Facebook page for the latest news ;)