At the middle of the Project

4 months and half, 136 days, 3264 hours, 195840 minutes, 11750400 seconds, has been passed since we started our adventure, our marine adventure respecting the environment. We are in the middle of the project and we can not be more excited! 

And… what happened during this whole time!!!???? Let’s make a small time travel along our experience. 

LAND AND SEA EXPLORATION. Excursions, hikings, kayaking… We had the opportunity to do a lot of exploration: Torca, Regina Giovanna, Punta Campanella, Monte Faito, Monte Comune, etc. 

ITALIAN LESSONS + CULTURAL IMMERSION. April was the month of the Italian lessons and the italian cultural month. We couldn’t expect that we would be able to speak that good this language. Actually, right now, our communication language between us is more italian than english, or as we call it, italenglish. During April we also learnt how to cook Gnocchi alla Sorrentina, Tiramisù, dancing and playing typical music, … after this month, we became a real italian! 

CULTURAL MONTHS. After the italian cultural month, we continue with the cultural months of Spain, Portugal and Tunisia. From Spain we had Tortilla, Ali-Oli, Cuban Rice, Sangria and the an amazing rithual from Galizia, “Queimada”. From Portugal we could learnt some words and tasting the delicious food and drinks from there: Francesinha, Porto wine, Bacalhau à Brás, Bolinhos de Bacalhau and Rissóis. From Tunisia we had a lesson about their alphabet and we also had the chance to eat delicious food such as Tajine, Kafteji, lablabi, tunisian soup and green tea.

FRIENDSHIP AND TEAMBUILDING. We all came from different countries, different cultures, but with something in common, our love for the nature and the sea. Our bonds became stronger, we share some secrets between us, so we became more a family than just 6 volunteers working together. We organised a lot of nights, dinners and plans together during our free time. 

MARE MEETING. From 21st to 28th of May we organised the meeting between all the volunteers of the past years. Getting to know better the old volunteers of MARE project was a special experience for all of us. We finally saw the young people that everybody was talking about. And they are exactly what we been told, warm, inventive, interested in many different fields, but the most important of all, friends and a great support in our journey.

IERANTO BAY. June was the month to starting to work in Ieranto bay, doing the monitoring at sea and the land. Despite the long way back and forth, the hours there, under the sun, sometimes also under the rain, all of this is worth it just to protect this amazing bay, the biodiversity and the beauty that it has. 

A SEA TO EXPLORE. We provide 9 educational activities during the months of July, August and September, for children from 5 to 99 years old on the theme of the sea and its impacts, with activities in the square of Massa Lubrense and in the protected bays of the MPA Punta Campanella. We already did 3 days, the next one will be next Thursday 1st of August with the topic Habitat Destruction. 

US INTERNS. Andrew, Sara, Jonathan, Elsa and Maddie. Our interns during the last months. They helped us with our work, and, at the same, we created a friendship that will last even though we will be separated by an entire ocean.

MORE ACTIVITIES. At the same time, we participated in many other activities. 

Activities with children. We received children from a school of Capri. We also went to a school in Somma Vesuviana.

Ischia. Our volunteer Érica has participated with the Diving Center of Ischia in a course of diving for disabled people. Then, also three of us went to Ischia to collaborate with the Regno di Nettuno AMP during the celebration of Sant’Anna. We did games with kids, they were in the party with bags to encourage people to use them for their trash, and we finished with the underwater cleaning and the cleaning of the seawall where was the party. 

Marine Biology Course. The MPA of Punta Campanella organised a Marine Biology Course where our volunteer Érica could participate and get some more knowledge to help in the marine biology lessons that sometimes we organise.

Collaboration with Sant’Anna Institute Sorrento. Since the beginning we organised a lot of activities with the students of the marine course from Sant’Anna institute. Therefore, we prepared activities as snorkeling, kayaking, marine biology lessons, beach cleaning, …

Times flies dears…it has already passed half of the project and it was amazing. We still have other half to continue learning, enjoying and having the time of our lives. Don’t miss our next adventures in our next posts!