Accatate ‘a bricicheeeeetta !


It was the 6th, 7th and 8th of june, and we all screamed it trough the napolitan streets. For 3 evenings, the roads where ours. Sometimes protesting in a nice bike bell concert (yes yes!), sometimes sliding silently under the jealous eyes of many pedestrians (yes yes yes!). But they where OURS. For once.






Why? Because we think that changing our everyday habits, well, it’s hard, BUT it can change many things for the better, and if more people were riding bikes:

  • Maybe … there would be less useless almost empty cars? And much less traffic? And much less pollution?
  • Maybe … it would reduce our global consumption of petrol? (is it necesarry to remind you that the natural resources of our little planet are not inexhaustible – and that they are already critically drained?)
  • Maybe … we would feel more independent and sometimes even faster?
  • Maybe … it would be more economical?
  • Maybe … we would have bigger, nicer, more powerful lungs, and above all, wonderful legs?
  • Maybe … we would feel the wind in our hair (I assure you, it’s soooo good)… and it would make us feel happier?
  • Maybe … cities would be designed in a more convivial way ?



Just think about it, and accatate ‘a bricicheeeeetta !

Bike and peace.

Critichella To join the crew in Napoli, get in touch with Critical Mass Napoli