A cleaning of Tordigliano beach

Tordigliano, in the municipality of Vico Equense and just a few miles from Positano, is one of the wildest and most beautiful beaches of the Amalfi coast. Off its shore you can only see the sea and the mountains: there is not a single house nearby: While at the beach you cannot see the road that takes you to this amazing place where you can find yourself alone with nature. This is why the arrival is not very easy, there is a path that takes you from the mountain to the sea. Without doubt it is a very special place in a beautiful but too touristic coastline.tordigliano

Conservancy and cleaning of the coast is very important in general and even more in such a special and wild place. The Marine Park of Punta Campanella is always engaged in all kind of activities for the improvement of the marine situation and has of course participated in the clean-up days in Tordigliano, together with the volunteers of project MARE, the Sant’Anna Institute and the Associazione Macchia Mediterranea di Positano.


In this beach often appear large amounts of waste during winter storms, which are added to those left by bathers. Thus, one of the most beautiful pearls of the coast gets ruined by plastic bags and bottles. The program also included the cleaning of the paths leading to the beaches. The collected waste, about half a ton, was taken by sea with the help of boats made available to the Associazione Macchia Mediterranea di Positano and the collaboration of the Municipality of Positano for garbage collection and disposal.


It was a very important day at work that ended up with a great lunch on the beach at Positano offered by the Associazione Macchia Mediterranea di Positano. Many thanks to all the people who worked under the sun to get a more beautiful and natural place for all of us to enjoy!IMG_6181