A Sea to Explore

“A Sea to explore” (Un MARE per esplorare in origin) is a project about environmental education and marine conservation of Marine Protected Area of Punta Campanella which is held by volunteers of the M.A.R.E. project and employees of the Marine Park. The goal of this project, which started in 2014 and is still active, it is to bring children to nature and share with them information and tips about the marine environment which surrounds them. Let’s try to do it always by an alternation of learning. On one hand through the words of an explanation and on the other hand through the playing during a practical part of workshop. All these activities are always facultative for the participants, so all children -who want to participate- have the opportunity to enjoy a marine biology course.

In general we can divide the project into two different activities:

  • Those carried out in the summer, when the children have summer holidays and do not go to the schools. For this reason “A Sea to explore” aims to speak about the sea and the marine conservation in an informal but educational way, with the aim to learn by playing in an open space. All gathering are held in the central square of Massa Lubrense, once per week during the months of July and August. Besides these open-space workshops we usually organize for children two excursions when children can experience the environment first hand. The excursions are held throughout the day in places belonging to their territory where nature is the star like la Baia di Ieranto, il Fiordo di Crapolla, la Cala di Mitigliano…
  • Those carried out in schools during the autumn keep part of games and educational workshops, but more formal as taking place in the school. Along with the part of the playful workshop, there are also speeches by experts from the marine park and the Coast guards focused on marine biology, environmental education and the rules of the marine park, which allows you to study topics deeper.

The atmosphere of our activities you can feel through videos: